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HP iPAQ @ ?99. iS IT WORTH iT?

By bluntpencil ·
Found this at Staples.
I am of the age of a phone being used as a telephone and any camera/web-browsing/games/media-functions as desirable but sometimes annoying complications.
Could anyone tell if the Os can be updated to the latest Windows Phone O/s which I have heard is pretty good.
I work with 3D software and love pcs and Laptops but not bothered about Ipads/i phones so this iPaq could be ideal for me.

Thank you!

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Don't expect any updates or support.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to HP iPAQ @ ?99. iS IT WORT ...

HP is getting out of the tablet market (and desktops and laptops too). This is their 'Fire Sale'. Don't expect any further development or support (beyond the warranty).

It's a good price if you've been interested in what a tablet can do. It's a name-brand at an entry-level price.

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Any self help groups likely?

by bluntpencil In reply to HP iPAQ @ ?99. iS IT WORT ...

Thank you for the reply.
I think it looks great and does more than what i need so will go buy it.
As long as it can stay Charged for over a full working day and night (which it can with ease, apparently) then its good enough.
Sorry to be pedantic but can one tinker with it and get the new Windows mobile 7 on to it?
I wasnt expecting any support from HP but I wonder as so many of these items have been snapped up if there is the liklihood of a modding community being established and maybe, if all my ships come home, there might be one in this Gloroius Republic of Tech?
I hope to be an active and upstanding citizen of the same Republic.
Oh and sorry for having to be absent for the first 4 hours of my discussion.
Thank you.

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Doubtful that you would be able to install WP7on the HP iPaq phone/PDA

Might be able to use old Windows Mobile 6.5 though...if HP has an
"update" on their web site. WP7 is quite different from WM.
I still use a Samsung Blackjack running WinMo5...never did see a
need to "upgrade" to WM6 as I've not had any issues.

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Slightly off-topic

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Any self help groups like ...

"...sorry for having to be absent for the first 4 hours of my discussion."

Not a problem around here. This is an international community, and some of us have been know to go off line for such vulgar activities as eating, sleeping, and even (shudder) gardening. This place stays active around the clock; it's impossible to keep up constantly.

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Off topic? Is that possible in Techland?

by bluntpencil In reply to HP iPAQ @ ?99. iS IT WORT ...

Hi you two.
Thanks for both replies and again I have been absent without leave but with good reason this time.
I have been looking around the website (Nation would be a better descrpition) just absorbed with what is being discussed and what can be learned from it.
I dont think there is enough hours in one life to look at, - let alone absorb and benefit from,- all the knowledge sprinkled around this place.
I really dont know whwere to start.
Perhaps learning to type pwoperly.
Wizard57 you have completely put everything in a nutshell about what is possible, what is not,and if it works well enough as it is why fix it?
Thanks so much.
And Palmetto. Does that name mean you are the person to ask about the Os HP aquired yet have just dumped or that you know how to propogate and handle coconuts?(Palm trees are a bit too spectacular to be included in 'gardening')
Its 0045 here in London and it has been a really beautiful day, sunny, light wind and warm, not hot.
Bit of a special day really. Perfect weather for just walking through the city.
Thanks both of you for the replies.
Hope you dont have to ruin your days by having to eat sleep or garden too often.
And Work? Whats that?
To be @ your PC or not @ your PC.
That is the question.
Recreation is the only excuse allowed.
Sort of from one cloud to another even more stimulating cloud.
Thanks guys.

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Your welcome!

Yes, I'm one of those that thinks if it isn't broke, don't fix it. My Blackjack
is my one and only cellphone/PDA. My wife and mother-in-law gave it to
me for Christmas in 2006. I don't see a need to upgrade to WM6, as I've
read that WM6 takes out "Internet Connection Sharing", which I can use
on my old Dell Dimension 2400 in upstairs room for a wireless modem.
May not be super fast, but at 256K it's faster than the 56k modem, and
I haven't installed a CAT5 jack up there, yet. I get 4 or 5 days of battery
life with the "extended" battery. The iPaq may be similar to the BJ, if
memory serves correctly. I also like the QWERTY keyboard on the BJ,
comes in handy writing email, letters, etc. There are still repositories of
good software available too, such as Veika Wordpad, a handy text editor.
When I look at how I use the Blackjack, I just can't bring myself to justify
the expense of a new device.
As to the weather, I'm in central Oklahoma, has cooled some,
daytime highs in the mid to upper 80s F, but it is still quite dry, need
Have a good one!

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Back at ya.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Off topic? Is that possib ...

I live in the US state of South Carolina. Our state tree is the Sabal Palmetto, a tree similar to palms. (It became our state tree because forts built from it during our Revolutionary War deflected cannonballs from British warships. Shots bounced off the spongy wood instead of passing through.) I've adopted the tree as my online name and avatar.

As to where to start, try this. At the top of the TR page, click 'Blogs'. Just below the half-dozen 'Most Shared' entries are three tabs. Click the one labeled 'Blog Roll'. That will take you to a list of TR's blogs, sorted by topic. That may make it easier to find the content that you're most interested in.

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Does Dell do walking sticks?

by bluntpencil In reply to HP iPAQ @ ?99. iS IT WORT ...

By the way that object found in that StarTrek film wasnt Voyager.
It was a Dell Dimension 2400 but it wasnt sexy enough so they pasted in the Satellite.
Is that a Celeron or Pentium model? Lol!
They are everywhere on the planet and quite rightly so.
They just keep on going...
Thanks for all the tips on the Ipaq.
Opening the Box after I make a cup of coffee.
Knowing my luck the Asteroid will impact Earth befoer I get a chance to use it.
Thanks for the Info on what is outside your house.
Its hard to believe we all look at the same sky.
To me America is some wonderful land of beauty and wonder, both man made and natural.
Never been there, yet.
To think I am talking to someone who can jump in a Corvette and cruise into town along roads stretching endlessly into the distance marked out by the single telephone pole line as company.
Or Maine in Fall.
Its sunny again here but as soon as I can I will send you some Rain.
This is the UK so that shouldnt be too difficult!

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Stick around

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Does Dell do walking stic ...

We have active members in Australia and Canada, along with most European countries. We don't get many Asian, Africans, or South Americans, at least not on a regular basis, but they do show up occasionally.

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Appreciated advice.

by bluntpencil In reply to Stick around

Thanks for the info on how to orientate a newcomer.
I love the fact about the Cannon balls. Thats sort of cheating but seeing as you have gone on to shine in most aspects I am glad we gave up.
Admiral Graves was a complete wimp. If Hood had been in charge we would all still be paying taxes to the same government.
And Starbucks would be selling tea instead.
I guess the language issue is why most people from those countries you mentioned are not so prevalent.
And economics.
I am going out to get a 8gb USB stick to download Lion.
So much good stuff here.
Thanks again.

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