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HP JetDirect 175X and Windows 98

By trolley01 ·
I have a HP JetDirect 175X External Print Server. I want to use it in our network but all of the machines are Windows 98 and I cannot set up a connection.

We have one machine that acts as a server and this is the one that I want to connect it on. It has all of the windows updates installed and is configured to use TCP/IP as the network protocol.

Does anyone know of anywhere that I can get some drivers that will enable me to set uip printers that print to this print server?

Thanks in advance.

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by omie In reply to HP JetDirect 175X and Win ...
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re: JetDirect 175x

by dtilley In reply to HP JetDirect 175X and Win ...

I apologize if I am misunderstanding...

The HP JetDirect should be connected directly to your network (hub or switch), not to a server on your network. The printer would then connect to the JetDirect server via the USB port. Once it is plugged into your network you should be able to configure it from any Windows 9x, NT, 2000, or XP workstation using the software on the enclosed CD. If you don't have that CD it can be downloaded from HP's website per the previous post.

Once the print server is configured, you can then configure all of the computers to print to it via the HP software in a peer-to-peer format.

Conversly, if you want to connect the printer to the the Windows98 "server", you wouldn't need the JetDirect at all. Justmake the printer sharable on the 98 server (I think there is even a wizard to help with this) and access it from the other PC's.

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Set IP on External Jet Direct

by Sean D. In reply to HP JetDirect 175X and Win ...

Why don't you try setting a static IP on the external jet direct card. Then simply use the HP Jet Admin tool to map the 98 clients to this printer through IP. It may be easier to do in the long run than trying to make a 98 machine a print server.

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