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HP JetDirect Problem

By benhar ·
Problem with networked printers. Server is W2k SP4. Printers are HP 4000 with internal JetDirect 600x I/O cards, all same firmware.

Regularly, printers will fail and display will show 'EIO 86 ERROR', and a JetDirect Diagnostic page will print which is a bunch of hex numbers.
Power-cycling will reset printer, and jobs will continue. But this is constant throughout the day.

Tried reinstalling drivers, updating drivers, moving printers to different server, reinstalling printers, reseating jetdirect cards, rebooting server. Net stats don't show tx/rx problems (no bad packets, collisions, etc). Buffers are not full, timeout is 300 sec.

Doesn't matter if it is a word doc, excel, ERP report, etc. Fails on any type of file. Issue is only affecting (I believe) the 4000's with the internal JetDirect.

HELP! Any more suggestions would be great.

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Correct Error

by benhar In reply to HP JetDirect Problem

The actual error displayed on the display is: 'EIO 1 Error * 86.0007' (*CR)

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Try this

by Chris910 In reply to Correct Error

See this HP document

It is not directly related to a microsoft print solution, but if you look at the issues it is pointing to you might find that the solution is as simple as disabliing the novell print features that are turned on by default.

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Erro 86.0007 EIO 1 S/W Exception: 0007 PC :13828

by joeburmeister In reply to Correct Error

I am having the EXACT same error message (86.0007 EIO 1 Error) on my Hp Deskjet 8000DN Display Panel (Firmware version: G.06.00).

The printer has been working flawlessly for many years. Out of the blue this started occuring random times during the day.

Anyone care to offer a suggestion? I don't think this printer has an upgradeable firmware as I couldn't find anything on the website.

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I have the same issue

by jacqueline.dunne In reply to HP JetDirect Problem

Did the suggestion posted help.Disabling the Novel feature?. I am experiencing the same issue.

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forget it.

by hopkinson.m In reply to HP JetDirect Problem
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by tdendinger In reply to HP JetDirect Problem

How are you sending the jobs to the printers? Are you spooling through the server or straight to the printer's IP?

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