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By robertkisbell ·
Recently purchased a HP Laptop (don't think the model matters) and when I did the previous owner mentioned that she had installed a child lock on it. When asked about it she said it prevents the laptop from being accidently turned on. I have to press the power on button once then once again like turning it off, then twice more to get it to turn on. Has anyone heard of this or can help me with this. We be greatly appreciated.


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Now that is what i call a security lock. :)

It seams to me to run inside the bios, but do not how. This is something new. Just do not forget the combination of the power button.
Knowing HP they most probably put it into a chip that's on the motherboard itself. If you can, ask her where/when she had it put on.
Cool. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Thats a new one

by IC-IT In reply to HP Laptop

Like P said the only possible place would be in the BIOS. If it is there (or even if it's not), please post back with the info and model number.

You may want to verify the Power settings in windows. Check what the buttons are set to do. It may be going into hibernation, failing to fully come out, and then being shut off and turned on again.

Honestly though it sounds like a flakey button connection. What happens if you press it firmly just once?

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What a great idea

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP Laptop

If you have kids or a young child leave it in place as it can be turned on and restored loosing all of your data with just 2 key strokes and one of those is the Power Key.

You really need to post the model number for us to help you with this but for starters you could look in the Owners Manual or on HP's Web Site. If you don't know the model Number not just the Family you can go to HP's web site and allow it to Detect your Hardware so you can download the Owners Manual.

Just use the NB to go to the above Web Site and when it's open click on Start Detection you will then be taken to HP Support Site for that NB.


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Further Info on the Laptop!!!

by robertkisbell In reply to HP Laptop

Ok it is a HP Pavilion DV2000 CTO Notebook, not sure if it is a 2000, 2000t, or 2000z. It is a rather newer model laptop with a lot of bells and whistles. Here is what happens.

I can press the power button and hold all day long and nothing happens well almost nothing happens all the leds around the keyboard and such turn on like the power is being applied. I can press and release all day long and nothing happens well same as above. To get this unit to power up (mind you not a power up password cause nothing even displays on screen) I must press the power on button once wait a second, then press it again like turning it off wait a second, then press it two times in quick succession. This all has to be completed while it is plugged into the AC adapter. When it is not connected I cannot get unit to power up at all but the led's do come on, does not matter power button sequence. Not sure but might be a different power button sequence. I have been able to power up and applied Windows XP S3 along ith latest help application from HP. But when the machine requires a reboot I have to shut it down then repeat the sequence again the machine will not restart by itself.

I contacted the live chat at HP but they were almost useless as they did not under the question.

Been working with laptops a long time but like most of you have said this is a new one. I do remember so features for desktops where they could be blocked but was with I think something like a hardware switch or something. Pulling what little hair I have out.

Thanks folks.

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This is

by Jacky Howe In reply to Further Info on the Lapto ...
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Thanks True Blue

by robertkisbell In reply to This is

Thanks but unfortunately it is not a battery problem as the led's do come on stating that I have power.

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Your another legend

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks True Blue

the first to have this problem.

I haven't heard of this one before, searched high and low for a clue without success. Seems strange that it wont power on, on battery power.

< afterthought >
Could it be a dicky switch.

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I think I have found the answer.

by robertkisbell In reply to Your another legend

Listed below is a post from the official HP website and I think this is the answer to my problems. Just happened to wonder over it while researching, will post answer when I contact HP.

Here is the link:

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I was

by Jacky Howe In reply to I think I have found the ...

right. You are a legend. I think if you update your BIOS it may solve your problems.

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