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    Hp laptop

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    Hi yesterday my laptop crashed and had boot up problem saying error 3F0 and there is operating system not found and hard disk is crashed after trying a lot of tricks from youtube.. And hp support I could not start it up.. The hp people didn’t help me at all so I had to go to a computer shop.. As I brought the laptop from India but I live in Italy.. So.. It was difficult to have a discount although the laptop was in warranty and just 3 months old.. The computer shop guy.. Said your hard disk is crashed.. And he said he can retireve data and replace the hard disk with new.. And insert another ssd.. In 187 euro.. When I got my laptop back.. He gave me another hard disk saying it’s the old one which had a brand Vektor.. Something.. So my question is was I fooled how is it possible to retireve data if the hard disk is crashed and if he gave me the old hard disk why didn’t it had a logo of hp.. Please answer..

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      Lots of questions there so I’ll try to start at the beginning.

      by oh smeg ·

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      The error message you gave here is telling you that the HDD is either not present or working as it should hence the No OS and so on.

      As I brought the laptop from India but I live in Italy

      This could be correct as it all depends on what the Warranty says. It may have to be returned to India for Warranty Repairs. At the very least the shop you took it to would have to be a HP Agent for them to do any Warranty work if they where not the Warranty has been blown.

      which had a brand Vektor.. Something.

      That is probably quite right as HP do not make the internal components inside their computers they buy them in and assemble them maybe or buy complete systems from other makers with them Branded HP. A common thing though I am not personally fimilar with that Brand HDD though as it is a SSD that is not something that should be unexpected.

      So my question is was I fooled how is it possible to retireve data if the hard disk is crashed

      Yes it is it all depends on what is wrong with the drive it can still work and just have the files corrupted or it could be failing and not worth while reinstalling the OS on as it will not work for any length of time. It all depends on what the Test run on it said and what the repairer told you.

      HP DO NOT MAKE any sort of drive they buy them in from whom ever they chose which is generally speaking the cheapest one available to them with A Commericial Bulk Order. HDD are specalised components and there are only a few different companies making these devices so if the Drive had a HP Brand on it I would be suppicious it should have it’s makers name on it as well as the details of the drive. As SSD’s have no moving parts and are all Electronic any company could make it and they could be a new startup to an established Drive Maker like Intel none the less they will not have the HP Logo on them as they are not made by HP at the best they may have a Intel for HP type branding on them telling you that they where made by Intel specially for HP .

      Like all manfactured things the brand on the outside very rarely is the same as the bits inside the unit. Look at the Gigabyte Brand Note Books they will have a Gigabyte M’Board a Benq Screen and whatever brand of HDD that is wanted by the owner not to mention different brands of Memory some of which will be Unbranded RAM because all NB makers tend to use the cheapest bits that they can buy on the day to build their products with.

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      by shelbyrsmithashk ·

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      recommend calling support for this

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