HP laptop - backlight problem

By aasim.bilwani ·
My loptop boots ups fine...everything works...but after a few seconds....once windows has started....the backlights goes off....everything still appears to be on the screen...its just has no illumination....any help would be extreemely appreciated...

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Have you tried plugging into an external monitor?

by Tig2 In reply to HP laptop - backlight pro ...

That will tell you pretty definitively if the laptop is having a screen issue or if a setting has gone haywire.

Let us know what happens.

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by aasim.bilwani In reply to Have you tried plugging i ...

yes...i have tried plugging in an external monitor....but the problem persists....another strange thing is...only if i take the power cable out...and then plug it back in....before restarting...will the screen appear....if i restart...without taking the power cable out...and reinserting it.....the screen wouldnt appear...the computer would still load up properly....

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if the power cable

by gadgetgirl In reply to yes....

plugs in near the ribbon cable link which feeds the monitor, it sounds as though your ribbon cable is broken/faulted.

What model of laptop is it, Aasim?


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HP laptop

by aasim.bilwani In reply to if the power cable

its an hp omnibook XE3 gf series

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same prob

by spiderman54859 In reply to HP laptop - backlight pro ...

i have the same issue it seams like it should work and sometime it does for a few hours but the backlight seems to just shut off and not turn on so now i leave it hooked to a monitor

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