Hp laptop has a Freezing issue in the main user interface,but fine in safeM

By techlex ·
HP laptop freezing constantly in the main user interface, but works fine in safe mode and has not lags?? Can anyone assist me in knowing what the problem is?
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Re: freeze, but not in Safe Mode

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Hp laptop has a Freezing ...

Most likely some background process or service that causes it. For a test, eliminate everything that doesn't run in Safe Mode and see if it makes a difference.

Use services.msc to disable services and either task manager to kill other processes or autoruns from sysinternals (a microsoft company) to prevent them from starting.
Make good notes of the present situation or an image backup, so you can go back. Or, easier, clone your hard disk and experiment on the copy.

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Tell more.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Hp laptop has a Freezing ...

1. Tell about the make, model, age and what has been tried so far.
2. What is this "main user interface"?

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It may be a user profile issue

by CWagner1570830683 In reply to Hp laptop has a Freezing ...

I had a PC a few years back that would blue screen after booting. I replaced the motherboard and it still happened.
On a lark, I created a new user ID and the problem did not occur for the new user.
I ended up deleting that first user.

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