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By carpet_warehouse ·
My HP LaserJet 1200 will not print from Microsoft Word (Windows 9 or from our Peachtree program. An error is showing, but the printer is showing the "green" ready light. The Self Test / Configuration is printing just fine. Any ideas as to why this is occurring? Thanks.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to HP LASERJET 1200 PRINTER ...

this link takes you to a nice printer troubleshooting doc from microsoft:
(although it talks about printing using Office programs, it is applicable to your Peachtree problem also, betcha);en-us;870622

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by semmelbroesel In reply to HP LASERJET 1200 PRINTER ...

Can you give us the exact error?
Also, check if you are using the correct printer drivers, and check if there is new version out there.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HP LASERJET 1200 PRINTER ...

If you go into the Printer Folder in My Computer can you print off a test page? To do this you right click on the printer and chose properties from the drop down menu when the next screen opens the default should have a Print Test Page button if it prints from there it should be working in the other programs as well but I'm betting that it will not so you can look at the printer port in the same area the drivers and everything connected to the printer. I would tend to think that there is a corrupt printer driver involved here or maybe there is something in the print Que that can not be printed by the printer and it is blocking everything that has been sent to the printer since. You should check the print Que as well and if there are jobs waiting to be printed chose the Delete all print job option and just delete them. With some graphics programs it is possible to enlarge something to bigger than an A4 page and send it to the printer and when this happens it will block any further jobs from being processed. I've seen this a lot with HP scanners connected to the same machine with a HP Printer someone will scan an image than instruct the printer to print at 400% which is bigger than the available paper so it just stops and will not go further. Even shutting down the computer will not clear the print Que.


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