HP LaserJet 2550LN Color Toner lights are solid

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I'm working with an HP LaserJet 2550LN, connected through LAN. Drum is about middle age, toner cartridges are about 2 weeks old. Last Thursday the Magneta, Cyan and Yellow lights turned solid and the user could not print. User has a "cannot connect" error from the printer software.

I removed the cartridges, evened out the toner, put them back, and the lights turned solid again as I put them back. I did the only reset function I could find, which was for the drum. I did restarts with everything out of it, with everything in it, with my finger on my nose, nothing worked.

I printed an information page from the printer control panel just fine. Today I am told they can now print, but the lights are still solid!

Anyone ever had this problem? Is there something wrong with the toner chips? Is there a reset function? HP website says it means the toner is low, but it just can't be after 2 weeks.


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HP Toner/Ink Carts have a Date expiration facility

by OH Smeg In reply to HP LaserJet 2550LN Color ...

So if the Cartridge is past it's use by date it can shut down.

This is quite common with Ink Jets Printers where Business buys a lot of Ink Cartridges and when they are used the printer stops working.

Not sure if that's the case here but it's a possibility.


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by orthodoxdrew In reply to HP Toner/Ink Carts have a ...

this must be it.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to HP LaserJet 2550LN Color ...


I don't know your particular model, but have found in recent HP printers that the toner container has one of those nasty chips in it, like ink jet printers. So maybe the toners were refilled but now this chip says they are empty.


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