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    HP LaserJet 4 M Problems


    by idalynn ·

    Anyone out there who can help with my personal HP LaserJet 4M dilema? My HP LaserJet 4M does not print consistently. It seems to bog down and times out without any error messages or won’t print at all. The form light, online light and ready light stay on after flashing as if ready to print. In its total life the printer has only printed about 3000 text pages so is almost brand new. It has 6mgs of ram. I have trouble shot it by changing cables, drivers, computers. Changing computers has workedin one instance, not in others. Printing test pages is usually not a problem – printing real documents is. I bought a new HP Pavillion computer and attached the 4M to it. Now I can’t even get the 4M to print a test page corrrectly. On each of the computers I have worked with I have loaded and unloaded drivers – the original, one downloaded from HP, one downloaded from Microsoft, one off the Windows disk, etc. Each time I loaded drivers, I removed all the other drivers and had only the one driver installed. Please help. Thanks!

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      HP LaserJet 4 M Problems

      by timp999 ·

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      Does the printer pass the power-on diagnostics and test pages? (If you don’t know how to do this, hold down the on-line button while you power the printer up.) If it does, I’d suspect one of several causes, in descending order of (IMO) likelihood.
      1. Printer port not set correctly in BIOS. Check to see if the port is set to the right setting, Normal or ECP or EPP.

      2. Bad port connector on the printer. The connector on the back of the printer may be worn or dirty, causing you to lose data.You can try to clean the contacts if you think they are suspect. Use an eraser or a bit of denatured alcohol on a swab.

      3. Bad printer memory module. Did you recently add RAM, open the computer to work on it, or has anything else happened to fry the memory?

      3. Spooling. Try playing with the opposite settings. Are you sending EMF, RAW, ps, what? Write down what they are, and dink around with them a bit… you never know.

      3. Bad Parallel port on computer. See 2 above.

      4. Conflicting devices or software. Anything else getting in the way of the port? Do you only have difficulty with certain software, like adobe .pdf files? They are notorious for crashing 4Ms, you probably need to reconfigure your spooling.

      Those are my ideas.. hope one of them helps.

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      HP LaserJet 4 M Problems

      by timtoombs ·

      In reply to HP LaserJet 4 M Problems

      try printing using the PCL driver instead of the PostScript driver. 6MB is bare minimum for postscript.

      also, check for the PageProtect setting. it conserves memory for the print job. set to letter size, if appropiate

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