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HP Laserjet 4 Plus Printing

By john ·
It's a Mechanical problem I'm sure
Basically the print comes out low contrast but the entire sheet is a shade of grey, this has got progressively worse over a short time period, changed the toner, all good... for a while
Not the fuser as the toner is fully 'cooked' on the sheet... any ideas??

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by Ltop In reply to HP Laserjet 4 Plus Printi ...

Hi there,

from the user manual for a HP laserjet 6:
If the amount of background toner shading becomes unacceptable, the procedures below may help to clear the condition:
1. Increase the density setting - this will decrease the amount of background shading.
2. Change the paper to a lighter basis weight.
3. Check the printers environment; very dry (low humidity) conditions can increase the amount ofbackground shading.
4.Install a new toner.

If you have already tried the new toner method, I hope you find one of the others help.

Let us know how you get on.


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by ozi Eagle In reply to HP Laserjet 4 Plus Printi ...

Is the toner a new HP one or a refill? I've experienced similar problems with a Brother printer and the refilled toner was not compatible.

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by anykey??? In reply to HP Laserjet 4 Plus Printi ...

The first thing I would try is blowing out any excess toner inside the printer,then try different paper.
If those don't fix the problem you should start looking at the formatter, bad grounds within the printer, or transfer roller problems.

Just remember laserjet parts are expensive, that model is probably not worth the money to go putting lots of new parts in it.(we still have a couple around and when they act up they are gone)

If you are using that as a desktop printer look at the hp 1160 or 1360 we are going to those and they are very good,if you are using it in a larger office enviroment look at the 4000 series hp's they are very durable(rated at 100,000 pages a month)

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by lorinoel32 In reply to HP Laserjet 4 Plus Printi ...

It could be the laser scanner. The printer will print a black page when it is no longer working
You can get it fixed for a resonable price if you want to keep the printer.

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by john In reply to HP Laserjet 4 Plus Printi ...


Currently its working ok, I cleaned the roller on the toner cartridge and the roller in the printer (used some Locktite surface cleaner) and it's been ok since, the first sheet after the clean showed some evidence, but now it's perfect again...

Maybe a change in usage/temperrature had caused it to 'hiccup' and the clean scooped up the excess?? will let you know how it goes, thanks for the replies

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