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HP LaserJet 4200 Issues

By sm-honeycutt ·
Client of mine is complaining that his printer is "pausing" between each page that is printed. His last PM Kit was installed 45 days ago and I walked him through removing and reinstalling the driver over the phone.

As neither of those two actions "solved" his problem, does anyone have another idea to try?

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Not set to Manual feed . . .

by j.lupo In reply to HP LaserJet 4200 Issues

is it? I have seen that cause this type of issue and the user has to press form feed or continue on the printer. Double check just in case it got set to Manual feed.

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by jbaker In reply to Not set to Manual feed . ...

Be sure that the printer is set to start printing immediately under spool print documents rather than print directly. This can slow the printer.

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maybe it's a problem with the printer's jetdirect card...

by UncleRob In reply to

Don't know for sure but I thought I would mention it. Possibly a problem with the printer's jetdirect network card (if it is a network printer which I'm pretty sure it is unless you're using it as a standalone personal printer), find out what version jetdirect card is installed in that printer (600 series maybe), go to hp's site, download the required hp printer mgmt software and firmware update, upload the firmware, power cycle the printer and attempt to print some test pages.

Thinking about it, it possibly may have something to do with the printer maintenance kit you had them install recently. Maybe it wasn't installed properly or maybe the kit was defective. Could be a few things, printer problems usually can't be diagnosed successfully over the phone.

Open up the printer's config page by typing it's ip address in a browser (assuming again it's a network printer), maybe there are some errors listed there that you can glean some constructive info on.

Check the network cable that the printer is attached too, replace it with another just to see how it improves. Attach the printer to a different location in the network, change the hub or switch it's connected to.

Again, like I said, there's lot's to check out.

Let us know how this works out for you.

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What types of documents?

by rich.frueh In reply to HP LaserJet 4200 Issues

There are bugs in various versions of JetDirect that have problems printing PDFs. As soon as one gets printed, until the printer is power-cycled, every page comes out Make sure the firmware on the JetDirect and the printer are fully up-to-date. Check in the newsgroups under Support to see if someone else has seen this.

Also, if the printer is PostScript capable, and you are using the PostScript driver, switch to the PCL 6 driver, or vice versa. Make sure the driver is set up correctly with the specs of the 4200. (Maximum working memory and all of that.)

Is it possible that duplexing is turned on?

4200s are a newer series, so I'd be surprised if it was the same bug in the firmware, but I'd still check for versions.

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