HP LaserJet 5p printer problem

By chadschwa ·
The printer is printing 1/8" wide black lines every 3" across all pages. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Charles

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You can try looking here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP LaserJet 5p printer pr ...

edited TR seems to be breaking URL's again so try this link if you have any problems.

This however is generally related to dirty parts inside the printer. Things like Rollers or distorted Wipers tend to be the cause of things like this,

When these things happen you need to remove all cartridges and Drum and clean out the unit. Also look for damage to the Drum and if there is any present you'll need to replace it.


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by arthur.acopians In reply to HP LaserJet 5p printer pr ...

I would start off at the toner and rollers. I have a 4m and it does that once in a while. I take the toner out, move the cover back and, with a lint free cloth, wipe off the residue.

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If you replace the toner and it still

by Michael Jay In reply to HP LaserJet 5p printer pr ...

prints badly, clean up the printer and it still prints badly you could get it printing clean again with a maintenance kit.

At close to 300 bucks these kits can give new life to the old printer, alternately and depending on your printing needs, buying a new printer may save you some money up front and in the long run.;HHOJSID=Wd56NlTKgC1BvyGnHdJ0KsWjjJTQStT8Lrg4r6QwbcM0vSnQ6Vm7!1867813698?landing=printer&category=LaserJet&catLevel=1&storeName=storefronts

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HP Printer problem solved

by hquist In reply to HP LaserJet 5p printer pr ...

MAke sure the CORRECT driver is installed and the right settings made ( paper size, print area from application) also check if the toner cartridge needs to be replaced. that should solve it.

If not, check the fuser unit to see if it has developed abrassions and replace it.

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Not a solution, but a tip

by Choppit In reply to HP LaserJet 5p printer pr ...

You can tell a lot by the spacing of marks/lines on laser printers. If they're identically spaced try rolling up the paper so that 2 adjacent marks overlap. This will give you a good idea of where the marks originate from if you compare the diameter of the rolled up paper with the various rollers in the printer (fuser, drum etc).

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