HP Laserjet not communicating via USB

By techuser305 ·
Windows XP 32 bit
HP Laserjet P2015dn

We have a Laserjet P2015dn printer connected via usb to a Windows XP 32bit desktop.

The user has reported that the printer stops printing intermittently, that it works sometimes and sometimes it stops, etc.

My troubleshooting step was to download and re-install the specific pcl5 drivers from the HP website for the printer.

When the install was complete, the USB icon appeared next to the clock, indicating that there may be an issue with a usb device and that windows did not recognize the device.

I attempt to print a test page to the printer and it got stuck in the queue.

At this point, it appeared to be a communication issue with the usb connection to the printer or a driver issue.

I looked for some sort of driver uninstall utility to clean out all drivers and start over, but did not find one.

When I look under Device Manager >>Universal Serial Bus, the usb port is reporting ?Unknown Device?. I deleted that entry, restarted the computer, but comes up as unknown again.

The printer does appear under printers and faxes in windows. Its set as a default. Under its properties, it shows that HP drivers were installed for it, and that the port is set communicate via the USB virtual port.

I attempted to delete that virtual port, but windows does not let me.

I have identical printers / workstations working in that same office without a problem.

Techrepublic community, what do you think?

Thank You,
Technical Support employee at finance business.

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have you tried

by Sue T In reply to HP Laserjet not communica ...

using a different usb port on the computer. how about a different usb cable as they do go bad. I have also had to do a reset on that model of printer to fix issues and you don't want to know how many motherboards we have replaced in those printers as there is a known issue but HP won't cover it if it is out of warranty. The board is easy to replace so you can do it yourself instead of paying someone if that is what turns out to be the problem. Have you tried printing an error report from the printer?

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Printer or PC?

by willcomp In reply to HP Laserjet not communica ...

Connect the printer to another PC and see if it behaves the same. If so, you probably have a faulty interface board in the printer (what Sue T referred to as the motherboard, I think). If it works on another PC, you likely have a driver problem. Most of the HP driver software can be removed using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

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I think

by NexS In reply to HP Laserjet not communica ...

That I'd try the following;
-change USB port(in the PC)
-Change USB cable
-Download the FATware(crappy software/bloatware/etc) and start it up, as if brand new.
-Look at the firmware <a href="">*A site I found from google*</a>
-Try connecting Printer to a different PC
-Try connecting PC to a different(same model) printer.

The above are in no specific order, just as i thought of them.
Good luck.

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Remove Conflict USB or FireWire Drive Letter

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