HP Laserjet prints infinite copies, no longer notifies in taskbar

By paul ·
I've got a networked HP Laserjet 4200 that seems to print multiple copies when printing from Internet Explorer 7. It also no longer notifies you when you print in the notification area. It happens when we print credit applications from our website, this is a 5 page print out but it get cut at the third page and continues from page 1 and goes on and on and on. The only way to prevent it from printing is to power down the printer.

We had this problem before (like a month ago) I remove the current driver and printer from all computers and re-added it with an updated PCL6 driver. This solved the issue but only temporary, at that time the problem was only with one computer but now seems to be with multiple, upgrading from IE 6 to 7 didn't fix anything.

Also, a single computer on our network was getting all of the "document has been sent to the printer" notifications even when he wasn't printing. I assume there is a problem with this computer that is getting the notifications, I plan to reload that computer if I cannot fix the error.

Any ideas?

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re: HP Laserjet

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to HP Laserjet prints infini ...

Is this printer physically connected to any of the computers, or is it a network printer (network cable plugged into it)?

If it is physically connected to one computer, make SURE that printer is ONLY shared from that computer. Then, be sure to remove the "auto printer......" from all other computers. WinXP tries to help by adding those AUTO things to all other computers on the network, especially in a workgroup environment, and they never work right. If you've been trying to print to one of the AUTO printers, that could well be the problem with it not finishing the print job.

If it is a network printer, be sure NOT to run the printer setup disk on any computer unless setup gives you an option to install printer driver only (HP LJ2550C does this, others may too). You don't want any of the monitoring software installed. Then, use the HP Network Printer Wizard to create the port and set network settings on each computer. It may call for drivers if the setup disk has not already put them on the computer for you.

Use the drivers off the CD only if it's a WinXP compatible printer (ie: it has WinXP drivers). Otherwise, download the most recent ones from the HP web site.

HP's are wonderful printers, but they're sometimes a nightmare to get installed correctly.

Another thing to look at is how the web page is designed. If the programmer threw in some invalid code, it could confuse the printer. And finally, check all cables. If the signal isn't clean going to the printer, it's going to hickup all over the place.

Hope this helps.

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More info

by paul In reply to re: HP Laserjet

The printer is setup on our server running W2k Small Business Server (local domain not workgroup) through the add printer wizard and using an IP Port. I downloaded the latest drivers from HP, PCL6 drivers.

The printer is connect to our network via jetdirect card to the switch.

To add the printer to the workstations I have either run //w2000s and then double clicked on the printer there OR gone through the wizard and browse for a printer and found it that way.

I did experience that auto install thing when I tried to remove the original configuration the first time.

I have a confirmation that it is happening both on our credit application and when we print from Carfax website. These are things that we print tons of copies per week, I don't feel there is an issue with programming the pages because we have printed them without fault several times and they haven't changed format.

I will try to replace the cat5 going into the jetdirect, however it just seems strange that only those 2 website pages give me issues.

Also because of the issue with the notification bubble I think there is some sort of corruption going on somewhere on the network.

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Deeper Research

by paul In reply to More info

We did find a computer that when printing multiple copies of a file in Excel only the first page prints.

The 2nd prints an error page saying that an end char is out of place or something similar... From my research on that error it seems that the stream to the printer gets corrupted after the first couple pages or possible after x amount of data goes to it...

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