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    HP laserjet problem


    by spot4 ·

    My HP laserjet 4M is printing light yet I have changed the toner, the economode is off and density is at 4. The self test prints perfectly but printng from any program is light. I am printing from a Powerbook G3through an ethernet cable. Any suggestions?

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      by ozi eagle ·

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      A thought, is the original text in a color? This will produce a light print in black.

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      by spot4 ·

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      Color is not the answer but subsequent discovery revealed that it will print PDF files correctly (but only pdf, not word, excel, final draft, etc) and it will print correctly from “Print Preview”but not directly through “Print”

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      Based on your report, this is not a hardware problem. It is a software problem. You may be able to resolve it by reconfiguring the printer settings in MacOS.

      As you may know, MacOS prints using PostScript, the printing language of a PostScript printer like your LaserJet 4M. When an application prints, it typically generates something other than PostScript. That output is then converted to PostScript and sent to the printer.

      So, it is consistent that MS Word and Excel are showing different results than Adobe PDF files. Adobe PDF files are already in PostScript form. Adobe is the original developer of PostScript.

      Questions, Comments and Actions

      1. Depending on your version of MacOS, try to reconfigure your printer settings in MacOS.

      2. What version of MacOS are you running?

      3. What version of MS Word are you running?

      4. Does the problem occur when you print via the MacOS TextEdit application?

      Does this help? Let me know how this turns out. Thanks.

      —–Steve Jackson

      Software Corporation (Softcorp)
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