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    HP laserprint 1100


    by yjc ·

    After I took the jammed paper out my printer, I put one sheet of paper in the printer and turned on the printer. Finally the right yellow indicator was flashing. Presumly I think this is an indication that the paper detecting failed. I don’t know if this is the problem and how I can fix the probelm. Thanks a lot.

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      by rindi1 ·

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      You may still have a paper jam. Often there isn’t just one sheet causing the Jam, often there are a couple of sheets. You’ll have to check everywhere in your printer if there ist still a paperjam.
      The blinking yellow light can mean a lot of malfunctions. Some Printers may have a code on the blinking sequance of the light. Also check if your printer is connected to the PC.

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      by juanrobledo ·

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      have u tried turning the printer off and then truning it back on…but yes a printer will have a code with the light flashing…go to

      go to Support for Product and type in the Lasertjet 1100 and it will take u to everyhting u need ot know about hp lj1100

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      by ozi eagle ·

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      Slightly off you subject, I have had HP 1100 s feed multiple sheets of paper. The paper separator rubbers were worn and needed replacement. This may be your root cause of the paper jam.

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