Hp m7580n

By osbert50 ·
having trouble with a replacement h/d for this unit.Unit was purchased in aug/06;h/d crashed; replacement making excessive noise when reading script;sounds like static.No solutions to date.HP can't fix what's not broken.PC has passed all diag/tests in the shop Future Shop and online with HP techs. any help appreciated thanks jerry

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Well I'm sure that this has already been done

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hp m7580n

But check that the HDD is actually mounted properly and not floating around loose in it's enclosure.

If the Drive is correctly fitted you could try slightly loosening off the mounting screws to see if the noise goes away as sometimes a twisted Case can distort the HDD Chassis and make them noisy.

The other thing is that the HDD is just a noisy one and some are particularly when they are ones brought by companies like HP as they demand a unit built to a price rather than the best available quality so many less than perfect drives made by many of these HDD Makers find their way into Propriety Systems where the Maker is saving some money.

However if it is excessively noisy I would be insisting that it be replaced with another quieter drive but depending on your local Consumer Legislation that may not be possible or it also depends on any post repair Guarantee that HP provides where you are.

Either way a noisy HDD isn't a good sign and while it may continue to work while UG it's more likely than not to fail sooner rather than latter so I would keep a regular Backup going so you don't loose all your data when it eventually crashes.

If you can not get it replaced because there is nothing wrong with it ask them to supply an extended warranty on the HDD so you have Piece of Mind.


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