HP Machine Imaging

By Mike.Linde ·
I am new to the PC world and not real experienced with imaging. I manage a K-12 Educational Institution and we have about 100 HP machines of all difference varieties. I would like to make images of m laptops for easy repair. What do you suggest for a novice tech guy? I have 15 laptops right now that need to be re-imaged and would like to set one up, create an image and then image them all the same.

What programs do you recommend?


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by NexS In reply to HP Machine Imaging

At my previous job (also a school) we used Symmantec Ghost.
At the job i have now we use Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
Both work fine, but i think WDS has less drag on the network, because all our applications etc. are deployed Via Group policy and not on an 'image'.
So, of the two, i'd say WDS, but Ghost is good too!

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Software Deployment

by fox2002152003 In reply to HP Machine Imaging

please try Altiris a symantec pc deployment software.

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by M@gnesium In reply to HP Machine Imaging

I recommend the opensource clonezilla. Its fast and can recover partitions or the whole drive.

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by El_Duce In reply to Clonezilla

Is also a very gooed option

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Either Symantec Ghost or Acronis True Image

by OH Smeg In reply to HP Machine Imaging

Work quite well. It is personal preference between the 2 though I personally Prefer Acronis.

There is a trial version available here

I think that the Trial is good for 30 days use but that could have changed since I first used it several years ago.


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Just imaged 500 machines

by tobagoman In reply to HP Machine Imaging

Get an external dock for the type of hard drive that is in the machine.

this is for SATA drives. (look at connectors) paste link into browser:

Get acronis imaging software and put it on a designated imaging machine. paste link into browser:

You will need to buy an imaging drive for the enclosure.

Using the acronis, create an Acronis boot disk. Boot to the cd and image the master machine buy cloning the drive to the external drive.

When ever a machine needs to be re-imaged, use the Acronis boot disk to clone the drive back from the exteranl enclosure to the PC being imaged.

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