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HP Media Center Display problems

By it_guru_2006 ·
Hello to all. I have the HP Media Center and am having a strange problem. I am trying to boot up the PC and the power comes on. I see the green power light and also hear the fan etc. However nothing gets displayed on the LCD Monitor. It keeps telling me that it is going to sleep.

I tested the LCD monitor on my laptop and it works fine. So something is wrong within the PC.

I tried the BIOS mode by pressing F1 or F5 or F10 several times but nothing seems to work. I cant even get the BIOS to be displayed on the monitor.

What can I try on my own to fix this. How to determine if the motherboard or / VGA has gone bad.

Please help.. Thanks in advance.

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to HP Media Center Display p ...

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, it is not likely to get the attention it deserves in the Discussion forum. Please re-post to the Questions forum by selecting the "Ask a Question" button. You may copy and paste your content to there.

Many do not read the Discussions forum and taking this step helps to insure that your Question gets the attention it deserves.
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to delete the original post in the Discussions forum. That is understood by all. However, if you want, you can put a link in it to the new posting in the Questions Forum.

Please do not forget to rate answers that you find helpful as being so.

Good Luck!

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Please read the first post

by w2ktechman In reply to HP Media Center Display p ...

Many who want to help stay mostly in the questions forum. Also, this allows you to mark things as helpful, so that others can look and try out the solutions if they have a similar problem. This makes the 'mark as helpful' option very important as the techs that help do not need to type the same things over and over.

Now for some basic checks, make sure the monitor is plugged into the correct video card (you probably have 2, the built on one, and the tv tuner card).
You may need to change the 'primary' one in the BIOS if the wrong one is primary (and you get the screen working).

you can also test by opening the case and installing a new video card.

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by it_guru_2006 In reply to Please read the first pos ...

Thanks for the reply. I have posted in this as a question. Sorry about posting here.

The monitor is plugged in the Monitor port behind the media center. The TV tuner card has a coaxial in slot.

How to somehow get to BIOS screen. I cant see any display at all. I only hear the fan start and power come on. Nothing else.

Even the USB mouse does not get lit up. Just the PS2 keyboard lights up when I turn it on briefly.

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