HP Ml370 and Installing a second processor

By ryan1234bishop ·
I tried to install a second processor in a ML370 G6 a few months ago and all I got was a blank screen and fans spinning

The ML370 currently has all the Ram slots filled in the first bank next to the first processor. Does the second RAM bank have to have RAM in it for the second processor to be used?

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HP isn't very forthcoming with

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP Ml370 and Installing a ...

Any Pictures of the M'Board here but if it has two banks for RAM and two CPU Sockets you need RAM in the second bank.

However not only that you need an Identical CPU in the second CPU Socket as what is in the first socket. You Can not have different CPU types or speeds on the same M'Board.


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Could be a stepping version conflict

by JamesRL In reply to HP Ml370 and Installing a ...

I don't know about the RAM configuration. I have a dual CPU machine (Dell Precision) that doesn't require the second bank to be populated, but HP's setup could be different.

But I do know that when you try to add a second CPU, it isn't enough to buy a CPU with the same model name and speed. You have to get the same stepping version. The CPU makers like Intel tweak and patch the CPUs throughout the production life cycle, and assign them stepping numbers, the first one typically being A-0. Most chipsets that support dual CPUs, at least the Intel ones like mine, will not tolerate a difference in the stepping numbers. We have often had to buy two matching CPUs when upgrading customers servers in the field because it wasn't possible to find a match to the one CPU that was installed.

You can check the stepping number with a number of tools, including CPUID from Intel.


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