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HP Netserver LD Pro Help

By Nivek R. ·
Couldn't find an appropriate discussion group on the HP site. Have an LD Pro Pentium 200 running WinNT4. We've determined that the floppy controller on the hard drive has gone bad (tried three drives and two cables). Tried installing RAM, got an error indicating that the RAM was a Non-HP DIMM and to change the amount of memory in the CMOS settings. Couldn't find memory setting in CMOS setup. Booted past error into Windows, but RAID service (mraidnt) failed to start. Took out memory to seeif it made a difference, still got error on boot. HP documentation points me to an HP diagnostic diskette that I can boot off of to troubleshoot, but the A drive doesn't work. Put the memory back in, booted past the error into Windows, once again RAID failed to start. Nothing important on the RAID array, since the server is old it's being used in a secondary role. Decided Iit would work without the RAID disks, put the server back in the closet, tried to boot, and it didn't boot at all. Now it won't boot. Amber lights, seemingly hard drive error indicators, come on solid on front panel of server. System powers up, but no signal gets to the monitor. Checked all connections, swapped SCSI cables to boot drive. Everything looks like it should be OK. Even the user's guide doesn't tell me what the lights mean. Can't seem to find that info anywhere. Also can't find any troubleshooting info that doesn't require a floppy. Any help would be appreciated. I know the obvious answer would be to get a new server, but for the purpose this one serves, the cost can't be justified.

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by JDSAL In reply to HP Netserver LD Pro Help

Usually when a server cannot boot at all it is because of bad memory modules or improperly seated memory modules. Remove them all and reseat them. Disconnect your SCSI RAID card or remove from PCI bus. Boot system. If you can boot at this point thenyou know what is causing the problems.

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