HP Network Printer no longer working

By moviedude88 ·
Here's the setup done by the old another IT guy that left:

-- Office Location A --
PC A1:
ip addr:
can print, yes; physically connected to printer via USB

PC A2:
ip addr:
can print: yes

ip addr:

-- Office Location B --
PC B1:
ip addr:
can print: NO (it used to 5 days ago, and now it cannot even find the printer on the network)

The old IT person setup a network between Office Location A and Location B, and I have not changed anything to the network since I came on board.

How can I get the PC B1 at Office Location B to see the Network Printer that is located at Office Location A?

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Whenever I see new printer problems I think, "drivers."

by Ron K. In reply to HP Network Printer no lon ...

If those are the same settings that worked 5 days ago I suspect the drivers on PC B1. <br>
In Device Manager, on PC B1, uninstall the printer, reinstall it and update the drivers. Share it on the network making sure you use the previous share name and try again. <br>
You can also do a search for PrinterXYZ, for example, from the other computers using the correct path to find it.

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IP or other

by Churdoo In reply to HP Network Printer no lon ...

By your description, we can't tell if it's an IP routing problem, presumably via VPN from site A to site B or a printing/driver problem from PC B1

What troubleshooting steps have you taken? What do you mean by "can't find the printer on the network"?

Have you tried to PING the printer IP from PC B1, or access the printers http management page? What are the results?
Does PC B1 access any other resources at site A and are those resources still accessible to B1?
Is there a VPN tunnel from site A to site B and is the tunnel up?
Do PC's A2 and B1 print to the printer by IP or through a print share on PC A1?
You did not list the default gateway of the printer. If A2 and B1 print by IP, the printer will need a default gateway (presumably to route traffic to site B

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