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    HP No Power?


    by dinkey ·

    Have an HP G72-B63NR Laptop about 1 1/2 yr old not under warranty I’m working on. It does not have power tried a different power adapter, no power, tried a new power jack, no power. Tried removing battery and holding power button and plugging back in still, no power, with or without the battery. I’m thinking it’s a motherboard issue possibly with the gpu. But would like to get more ideas if there may be anything i overlooked.

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      by dinkey ·

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      Is this one have the LED on the power jack?

      by robo_dev ·

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      If the GPU is bad, I am pretty sure the LED on the power jack should flash when plugging in good PSU. Also, be sure to measure PSU voltage…all the way to the motherboard, just in case replacement jack is defective.

      I was fooled once on one of these where the replacement power supply I tried did not have enough current to power the device.

      The user had replaced the genuine HP supply with a cheap clone from eBay and the laptop acted 100% dead. The cheap PSU was putting out something like 14V….it was lighting the charge indicator, but not charging the battery or providing enough current for startup.

      Recently I did the ‘reflow the GPU’ trick on a motherboard with my heat-gun and a homemade heatshield and my IR thermometer and by gum I fixed it.

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