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    HP notebook booting problem


    by vishu1937 ·

    Hi All,


    (1) HP pavillion notebook pc

    (2)serial no. TW 93700706

    (3)bios–DB. MI.05


    (5) celeron 433 MHz

    (6)hdd—-hitachi_DK 239A-48

    (7)O/S–pre loaded win 98


    not my machine so do not know (owner says one of non hp tech guys did it )

    after shutting down and rebooting the m/c posts and the WIN95 logo appears

    (starting win 95) the logo disappears then a window

    ” starting win 95
    windows bypassing your set up files
    type name of command interpreter (eg C:\WINDOWS\


    At this stage by repeatedly pressing ctrl+alt+del it boots to win 98 but only
    sometimes (sort of luck).after booting to win 98 m/c works ok and to keep things
    working one has to shut down to “stand by” mode and can not shut down.

    some times at the C> prompt pressing f7 seem to load win 98 but again luck.

    another point is battery is completely drained and can work only on external
    power. (replacement battery costs as much as us $300.


    (1) Any fix to remove the win 95 (leftovers?) so that it will straight away boot
    to win 98 after every shut down.(registry entries and if so where and how?)

    (2) if I remove the battery unit no power comes on though connected to external
    power source. is this normal? in other words with a drained out battery why is
    it necessary to have the unit attached when external power is available?

    any in put will be greatly appreciated.

    nice day to all—-Venkat

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      Reply To: HP notebook booting problem

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to HP notebook booting problem

      all the floppys and cd’s are removed when you boot, yes?
      sounds like the system got ‘sys’ed with win95 startup floppy maybe.
      i would getting it to boot to win98 then making a win98 startup floppy (Start/Control Panel/Add Remove/Windows Components/create a startup floppy) and boot with that in and use the sys command to change the boot files back.
      i would also examine autoexec.bat file, maybe rename it autoexec.bad and see if it had a line in it doing this

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      Reply To: HP notebook booting problem

      by antuck ·

      In reply to HP notebook booting problem

      As sgt_shultz said I would try the win 98 boot disk and sys c: and see if that helps

      on the battery and power issue. Some of the older laptops the battery completes the circuit thus being required to be put in place. Without the battery in place the circuit is not complete and the system will not power on. Most of the newer laptops have changed and you no longer need to have the battery in place to power them on.

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