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Hi I broke my cdrom as well as usb in my hp notebook compaq 6130. Now to reinstall, I took off the sata harddrive and installed windows using desktop pc. It works fine in the dektop pc (it boots ) but my laptop doesn't boot when i use the same hard drive. Any suggestions?
Does the bios define the boot sector in notebooks' harddrives?

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Ah. You can't do that.

by seanferd In reply to HP notebook

It is "installed" for a reason - not copied. You have to install on the laptop, you can't just install on one machine then move the HDD to another.

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by sqc_ In reply to Ah. You can't do that.

Hope you remember me saying that I don't have a working CDrom - anyways I guess you're right. I have to fix the cdrom then. Will try

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You will have problems

by Jacky Howe In reply to HP notebook

when you try to do what you are doing. I take it that you can remove the Hard drive in the System that you used to install from and boot from the notebook Hard drive. You may have to use the XP CD to run diskpart from a command prompt.

To reinstall

Download DOS7 ISO as this will be the Operating System that will be used to make the Drive bootable. Have a look around the site.


Burn it to CD using Nero or similar.

Ensure that you have an Active Partition on the USB Drive and it is formatted FAT32.

If you only have one Hard drive in the System that you are using when you insert your USB Drive it should show up as Disk 1. We will use list disk to determine the Drive number.

Press the WinKey + r and type cmd and press Enter. Press Enter after each of these commands.


list disk

determine the Drive number it will be either 1 or 2. <b>WARNING</b> if you get this wrong you could do irreparable damage to your Drive.

select disk (either 1 or 2) eg: select disk 1


create partition primary

Format FS=Fat32


Now type

EXIT to exit the diskpart session

Disconnect the Hard Drive from the PC that you have been using. Set it to Boot from CD in the BIOS. Connect your USB Drive and turn on the System. Insert the DOS CD that you created and follow the prompts to install it to the USB Drive. When you have finished installing DOS shutdown the System and reconnect the original Hard Drive.

Restart the System and reconnect the USB HD, now you will need to copy the entire I386 folder from your XP CD to the USB HD. While you are copying the I386 folder also copy your Antivirus Sofware that you are going to install along with the Motherboard Drivers. You will find the Motherboard drivers on the Notebook manufacturers site. When you have finished doing that, connect the USB Drive to the Notebook. Turn on the Notebook and you should end up with a DOS Prompt. Type in CD I386 and press enter. Type winnt.exe and press enter.

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by sqc_ In reply to You will have problems

Cool!! I don't have usb or cdrom , usb was destroyed by overheating. I'll try to fix the cd and see what happens. Thanks

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Good Luck {NT}

by Jacky Howe In reply to thanks

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