hp omnibook 6000 laptop battery problem

By wingnut9811 ·
hi i have a hp ominbook 6000 it runs fine with the ac adaptor but cuts out if you take the ac adaptor off,it hAS a new battery that has been tested and to be fine,windows xp sp2 is installed and reconises the battery and stats its 100% charged, the charge light is on red but sometimes can be yellow and green,also the laptop does run with the battery removed ,any idears on y it wont run on the battery?????? cheers

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Your dc connector

by Jesus_C In reply to hp omnibook 6000 laptop b ...

is faulty or possably you power supply.If your power supply does not have a light on it then that is your problem.If it does then it is your dc connecter.Thats the piece you plug your power supply into the laptop

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dc connector???

by wingnut9811 In reply to Your dc connector

this shouldbe ok as my laptop is working off of it

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Did you find any solution?

by to_lalit In reply to hp omnibook 6000 laptop b ...

I have the same problem. Were you able to find a solution. If so please share. Thanks!

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hp omnibook 6000 laptop battery problem (same issues)

by ptna_rulez In reply to hp omnibook 6000 laptop b ...

Hey man,

Just want to check if you figured your problem with your Omnibook 6000, as I am having the same problems.
This was a brand new original battery too. I'm wondering if it's charging circuit that's gone faulty..
I'm getting this erratic mouse problem too - the cursor just runs around the screen frantically (like nobody's business). First, I thought that it was a VIRUS, but after numerous scans, and finally a full OS restoration, the problem was still there.
It's definitely hardware -OR Windows XP SP2 doing funny things to it.
Gonna try with Win2K OS restoration fix next.

Anyone with suggestions here?

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