HP Omnibook xe3 HELP!

By ride_for_life13 ·
When i try to boot my hp omnibook xe3, i get a beep code of 3-3-1. I have found that this means that the cmos battery is no good, however there IS no cmos battery.... WHAT DO I DO?!?!?! HELP PLEASE!!

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by BALTHOR In reply to HP Omnibook xe3 HELP!

The computer store would replace the battery and possibly reset the CMOS jumper.Remember to adjust your time and date in BIOS before you boot.It's probably not the battery---

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by ride_for_life13 In reply to THE CMOS BATTERY POWERS T ...

There is no battery. My online research has turned up that this model laptop is designed without a cmos battery. Aaand i WOULD adjust the date and time, but i cant even get into the bios. I turn it on, it beeps 3-3-1....3-3-1....3-3-1.... etc and thats it. Nothing on the screen at all. Anymore insight? Thank you for the response tho!

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the same problem...

by eleseff In reply to Buuut....

Hello ride_for_life13 and other readers,

my omnibook XE3 also beeps 3-3-1, I have the same error. I has complete demounted the notebook and i found the CMOS-rechargeable-battery. The Voltage measuring is 3.11 Volts directly on the battery.

In the service manual i did not found a solution for this problem.

You can help me, what is your solution for this problem?

Best regards


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Replace the CMOS Battery

by styluspilot In reply to the same problem...


I too used to have this problem.

I have since replaced the Battery which is on the underside of the motherboard, a real ***** to get at, as you have to pull everything out.

I followed the Instructions in the service manual.

the Laptop works again after I replaced the Battery.


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how do I replace CMOS battery

by diannealexander In reply to the same problem...

how do i open my hp omnibook xe3 to replace the cmos battery. i do not have a service manual. is it available online?

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