HP P1005 printer issues in TS

By brianwatson81 ·
We have a user that uses a HP laserjet P1005 printer and it worked fine in Terminal Server for a week and then it will no longer print.

I tried to use the Net Use redirect but i couldn't find a printer driver that worked with it, so we went ahead and installed the driver on the server. It worked great for a week, and then it just stopped working. It pulls through into the printer list in the TS session fine.

He can print all he wants locally but when he logs into TS he submits the job and It just never prints.

His machine is XP and the TS is 2003.

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Try Old Faithful

by bart777 In reply to HP P1005 printer issues i ...

Map that printer using an older driver like HPLJ5 or even 4.

The old workhorse drivers still work well for almost any HP laser printer.

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by brianwatson81 In reply to Try Old Faithful

I have tried those drivers and still no luck. But we went ahead and installed those drivers on the server.

I am at wits end, what can be done?

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P1005 is a host-based printer: Throw it Away

by robo_dev In reply to HP P1005 printer issues i ...

I'm surprised it ever worked. Do yourself a favor and hurl the printer off the roof.

To save cost, the PCL generation is done in the Windows driver, which is sketchy at best.

TS printing guide:

TS Printing Best Practices:
"The printer must NOT be a Host-based printer (AKA GDI or Windows-only Printer). Host-based Printers, like Hewlett Packard Printers that utilize LIDIL (Lightweight Imaging Device Interface Language), will not function in a Terminal Services Environment (without 3rd party printing software)."

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...not my call

by brianwatson81 In reply to P1005 is a host-based pri ...

Can you convince my manager to do that.....i know he wont since it is brand new and we dont exactly have a lot of money.

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It does work over network

by tagra123 In reply to Well, then a third-party ...

I was able to make this work setting it up on a ubuntu server and sharing it using cups.

Prints great from both windows and ubuntu computers over the network using ipp


The only extra thing is that the drivers require the printer to be plugged in to install the driver on windows machines. The host only driver does work over the network.

Prints great locally or over the network using ipp on both windows and ubuntu.

Very good printer for such a low price.

--Cartridge is easy to refill with toner, prints fast and very good quality for normal business printing.

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what's the full solution driver do for you?

by lazlo In reply to Well, then a third-party ...

Aside from the 2 host-based drivers, HP has a "Full Solution" driver available.
What's that do for us terminal server using types that like HP, and especially the cheap intro price of the P1005? I haven't installed the full driver yet, because even if it works I want to know WHY it works.

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I think I found a solution to any incompatible printer in TS

by nodoeman In reply to HP P1005 printer issues i ...

1. On the local computer, in RDP, uncheck printer in Local Resource.
2. On the local computer, in printer control panel, find the printer you want and share it (I gave permision to only the user of that computer), give it a name you can recognize and allow it to show in directory.
3. User login TS session, locate the share printer and add it. It should work now.

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