HP Pavilin 1534x

By clark_anderson@comcast. ·
The PC will not boot and gives one long beep and stop and one long beep and stop after another.

I changed the memory removed all pci cards removed all cables and replaced one at a time and stll the pc will not boot.

I bought it new and it worked for a couple of months but now doesn't.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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First check the video

by mjd420nova In reply to HP Pavilin 1534x

If the video is a plugin card, remove and remount the card. If the video is intergrated(part of the mother board) then the memory should be removed and swapped in position and reseated. The beep(long) on startup is the video failing to boot. It has to start first in order for the CPU to start and unload the BIOS and tell it where to send the video. No luck in any of that then I'd check the power supply, try another video card, and check out the CPU to be sure it is properly seated too. Last guess would be the CMOS battery as it gaves some real flaky symptoms at times.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to HP Pavilin 1534x

Take it back and get a new pc.They should not go wrong in the first couple of months

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