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HP Pavilion 8565-power/switch problem?

By SamuraiTailor ·
This PC's harddrive died. I installed a new 80gig and plugged the cables in (the old drive remains because I can't get to the screws on the back side - but it is not plugged in). After reassembling the case the power switch won't work. No lights, nothing at all comes on. I had to remove the power supply to get the new drive into the cage but I rechecked all the wires and none were unplugged.

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by DouglasB In reply to HP Pavilion 8565-power/sw ...

The first thing to do is disconnect the new drive and see if it posts (reads the BIOS). If it posts double check your wiring again, easy to overlook something. Does your motherboard use a 12v connector? If so, did that get unplugged during the change over?

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by SamuraiTailor In reply to

I already checked the cables/wires (noted in problem). The computer should post even if the harddrive is bad.

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by Balbir In reply to HP Pavilion 8565-power/sw ...

If the above answer fails to resolve your problem
try the following:
If you have access to a multimeter, switch the multimeter to read Ohms.Disconnect the two pin connector that goes to the motherboard from the power switch and with the meter probes connected to the two leads from the power switch push the power switch. It should read short circuit on the meter( Zero Ohms)If you don't have a multimeter, or if it sounds complicated, remove the two pin connector from the power switch to the motherboard and short the two pins with a screwdriver tip.
If the pc bursts into life, you have damaged the power switch or the lead has come off the switch.(sometimes the lead is disconnected but still inside the black sleeving-try pulling it slightly)

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by SamuraiTailor In reply to

I tried the above - obvious when you stop and think about it - the button was fine I think the MB is now bad. I've since replaced the computer and added the HP to the landfill.

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by SamuraiTailor In reply to HP Pavilion 8565-power/sw ...

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