HP Pavilion a6120n Recovery disk set

By mullinsmf ·
I am trying to repair my nephew's pc and he does not have his recovery disks.
If anyone has it or can point me to them, I would appreciate it.
The only thing I found on HP's site was a link to order it.
Even paying them almost $30 for it would take a couple of business days to get here.



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If he has a warranty he can probably get a free replacement...

by wanttocancel In reply to HP Pavilion a6120n Recove ...

...but HP might want to know if there is hardware trouble. I know that Dell gives out recovery discs for no charge if they are replacing a hard drive and the customer tells them that they don't have the recovery media.

But if your brother doesn't have any hardware trouble or if he doesn't have a warranty then he's outta luck. PC manufacturers are making money this way by selling you the recovery media. That's why they tell you to make a backup of the recovery discs just in case you cannot access the hard drive.

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His warranty has expired

by mullinsmf In reply to If he has a warranty he c ...

Warranty ended. So far I haven't found any hardware issues other than no boot.

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Couple of things to try

by IC-IT In reply to His warranty has expired

You can remove any data that he needs to save by slaving the drive to another system.

You can try tapping the F11 key while it is starting up (This will allow access to the Recovery Options on most machines, unless the MBR is fubared).

You can use disk manager (while slaved or with a third party boot disk) to set the Recovery Partition as active. Then put the drive back in the original machine and boot it. This should boot directly into the Recovery partition and start the process.

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Things to try

by mullinsmf In reply to Couple of things to try

Thanks for the suggestions. I did boot with a dell recovery disk which told me it was only for use on a dell system. But it did put some tools on a ram disk. I used fdisk to set the recovery partition active. However it hung at the same point as before. I had a choice of starting the recovery or booting normally. No matter what I select, the results are the same. After giving a message that windows was loading files, it hangs at a progress bar under the word Microsoft. The progress bar simply flows back and forth.
I ran Seagate Seatools to check the HD. It indicated that SMART was not tripped. The short test did not return any errors. The long test returned one error. However the log file did not indicate any data about the error.

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Test the RAM here and see if there is a problem there

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Things to try

If you have the Ultimate Boot CD you can use that or download MemTest from M$ to do the same thing. It sounds as if you have either got some Faulty RAM or a Timing Issue between Incompatible RAM here.

OH have you tried pulling the RAM and refitting it or cleaning the contact Edges with a soft rubber/eraser? Sometimes just removing & refitting will cure a Bad Contact Point.


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RAM Test

by mullinsmf In reply to Test the RAM here and see ...

I will try testing the RAM. My UBCD has been lost and I'm downloading a new copy now.

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On my HP system

by The Scummy One In reply to HP Pavilion a6120n Recove ...

there is a recovery partition, however it is useless. There is software on the system to access it and setup an image disk. After initial installation of the system and 2 times afterwards it prompts to make the recovery cd's. If this is not done, then you are out of luck.

Optins from here -- if the system can boot into safe mode, see if you can create the recovery cd's. If not, order the cd's or go purchase a new copy of Windows or, download a live Linux cd and run it.
Be sure to copy any needed data first. If running a Linux live cd, do not install it to your hard drive until the data has been copied to another drive/cd/etc..

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Things I tried

by mullinsmf In reply to On my HP system

I have tried to boot into Safe Mode, But it does not get to that point.
If I can't get an iso file to burn a recovery cd, I guess I will have to tell him to buy one.
If I was going to use it, I would convert it to Linux. However I don't think he is ready for it. I will present that as an option.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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