HP Pavilion dv4 isn't Working!

By azsharqi ·
I have a question?I bought an HP Pavilion dv4 Laptop for my wife; like 3 weeks ago or something.

Anyway, she was using it two nights ago, and then she shut it down normally. The next day, she swiped her finger to log in; in that finger-print reader and the thing just wouldn?t work. She uses the normal password, and she seemingly succeeds at logging in; except that the welcome screen keeps loading forever! You cannot get anything beyond that welcome screen with the mouse cursor rotating; loading?

She unplugs the cable; she wasn?t on battery, and when she turns on the power again a black screen shows up. This screen says that Windows had been shut down improperly and you can use one of the Safe Modes of operation (3 options; one with commands, another with networking) or a normal Windows operation. Going with the Safe Modes shows that it is engaging some drivers and other stuff, and a black screen eventually gets you nowhere. Choosing a normal Windows operation gets you from where I started; log-in page and afterwards the welcome screen with the infinite loading time?

What should I do?? What do you think has happened to the laptop? Should I reinstall Windows or format the device? Unfortunately, I haven?t copied the recovery files onto a DVD yet?

Thanks a million!

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I am sure that it would have been supplied with a Manual

by Jacky Howe In reply to HP Pavilion dv4 isn't Wor ...

have a read of it as it should give you pointers on what to do.
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Well for starters I would contact HP and buy a Recovery Set for

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP Pavilion dv4 isn't Wor ...

This NB. HP tell you to make a Copy of the Vista Install Disc's as soon as you first start the computer and this advice should be followed to prevent the need to buy a Recovery Set from Hp Though a Factory Made Recovery Set will tend to last a lot longer than one burnt to recordable media so it doesn't hurt buying it now rather than latter when it might be harder to get.

As for the Users Manual HP could have either supplied this as a PDF File or a Printed Manual and if it's supplied as a PDF File the odds are that you will be unable to read it now so download it from HP's Web Site here

You will however need to select your Model of this NB as there are quite a few sub models of the DV4. There is a Service Manual available here also which may be of use to you.


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