HP Pavilion dv6000 How do I Save My Chip Set Before Changing OS?

By psifreak ·
I've got an HP dv6000 laptop. It's got a lightscribe dvd burner, built-in wireless card, quite a few features. My problem is that it's running on Vista, and I can't stand Vista. Is there a way to back up all of the current drivers and chipset so that I can change my OS to XP without losing all of those features and having to track them down one at a time?

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by robo_dev In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 How d ...

The only helpful thing would be if HP made a CD to go with the Windows XP install on that machine. However, even then, what's on the CD may be out-of-date versus the drivers on the HP website.

the Vista drivers will not work with XP, so the only thing you need to backup is your data.

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However what you can do is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 How d ...

Open the Device Manager and make a list of the hardware you have in this NB. Then search the Net for XP Drivers if the HP Web Site doesn't have these already.

Any device you can not find a driver for isn't going to work under XP so you first need to find out if there are XP Drivers made for your hardware.

Currently HP appears to have removed any link for a Pavilion dv6000 from it's web site so I can not point you to what they have available in the way of different OS Drivers.

If you want/need to return the system to the Vista load there should be a Recovery Partition on the HDD which you access by a Key Combination when the unit POST's to restore it to new specification.

As for the already installed Software that needs to be reinstalled along with the Windows Drivers after you install XP. You'll also most likely need to wipe the HDD with something like Kill Disc

Before you can install XP as Vista used a different Security Model to XP, sometimes depending on what was used to load the software it is not possible to install the older version of Windows on a Partition that was formatted with a newer Windows Format Utility.


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Reponse To Answer

by Who Am I Really In reply to However what you can do i ...

Found: Pavillion dv6000 on HP site

the only search page that seems to work correctly on the HP site:

I put the system name into the Product name box under the
Select a task and enter a product name/number

Pavilion dv6000

then the following list of systems is displayed

- HP Pavilion dv6000 CTO Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6000t CTO Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6000z CTO Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6001ea Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6001xx Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6002xx Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6003xx Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6006ea Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6010ea Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6013ea Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6020ea Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6021ea Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6022ea Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6024ea Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6040us Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6045nr Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6058cl Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6064ea Notebook PC
- HP Pavilion dv6095ea Notebook PC

choose the correct system
then the following page will ask for the OS

"Choose your OS" (drop down menu)

clicking the first system's link:
- HP Pavilion dv6000 CTO Notebook PC

shows me available drivers for
win vista
win vista(x64)
win XP
win 2000

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You can back up the drivers in case you want to go back.

by seanferd In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 How d ...

If the drivers have been updated, or you have drivers which were not included in the original install, you can back them up in case you want to reinstall Vista. Say, in case things do not work properly running XP. But you can't use the Vista drivers for XP. Check the vendor support site for your model to see if XP drivers are available.

But to back up drivers, if you want, you can use something like DriverMax.

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HP Pavilion dv6000 drivers

by TACWALKER In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 How d ...

Certainly you can save your Vista drivers. It would require third party software which will scan your system for installed drivers and save them (back them up) to your choice of removable media. Having said that, most Vista drivers will not work properly or will not work at all with XP, therefore there is no point in performing such a backup action.
I assume that you have a copy of XP at hand. If the install disk is an earlier copy of XP (XP; XP with SP1; XP with XP2) make sure you upgrade to service pack 3 . Once you install sp3 go back to the Windows Update site and again choose to update your system. Install any needed updates to the service pack and reboot your computer. All drivers should now download and install. Sometimes there is a problem installing an audio controller. Simply visit the support page of the audio controller in question (or any other driver for that matter) and download that particular driver for XP.
Another way would be to download an XP driver pack ISO from a torrent site. These packs usually have all the latest drivers. Check the ISO for malware and then burn the ISO to DVD or virtually mount the ISO and, for each driver you need to install, point your Device Manager (Install/update driver) to the tray containing the driver pack disk.
Of course the best possible method would be to choose Windows 7 Home Premium or higher. Win 7 is what XP wanted to be and what Vista was intended to be.

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by psifreak In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 How d ...

It's an older computer, my brother had it for around 4 or 5 years before he gave it to me. XP was still considered standard at the time he bought it. I'll check into that, and thanks for pointing out that Vista drivers don't work on XP! I honestly would have been in a really bad mood when that one didn't occur to me until after....

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Installing Windows XP in HP Pavilion DV6000 series notebook.

by ram1511 In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 How d ...

I would like to inform you that all the HP Pavilion Notebooks are bundled with OEM version operating system and device drivers. Hence, if you take the back-up of the drivers from the Windows Vista operating system, it does not support with Windows XP operating system.

If you wish to install Windows XP operating system, you need perform custome installation by using retail version Windows XP operating system discs. However, for your convenience, i am providing few avaialable and compatibe device drivers for Windows XP operating system. Please refer to the below URL and install appropriate drivers after downgrading the operating system to Windows XP:

NOTE: As informed in the previous reply, you can run Windows updates once you install Windows XP operating system.

I am sure the above mentioned information will helpful.

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Drivers for DV6000 after I re-install XP

by rumseycw In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 How d ...

You should have received a cd or cd colletion for re-installation or recovery of your OS. I you haven't an XP recovery cd you can order what you need (DVD) from HP Support. Look here for your drivers after you re-install xp. This will give you the correct and latest versions for all hardware drivers you need.

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The dv6000

by shamusjennings In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 How d ...

Those Costco bargain laptops have documented problems, including some recalls. Although an XP install is rather simple, you should check HP's support page to ensure your laptop is not on a list of bad eggs. I have successfully installed various version of XP on those laptops, so I'm sure the HP drivers and a few hours will get you going.

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hp dv6000 recall

by bpriest58 In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 How d ...

There has been a class action settlement by NVIDIA that includes your computer. If your computer serial and product numbers match those being replaced, you will get a new laptop for free. My daughters recently crashed and I just filed her claim. Claims need to be filed by March 14. You must be able to retrieve proof of purchase to file the claim. The problem was with NVIDIA boards overheating and affecting the mother boards. Here's the link:

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