HP Pavilion dv6000 wireless device not working

By lamentofking ·
I just turned on my pavilion dv6000 laptop and it didn't recognize the wireless device. This is the 2nd time this has occurred. HP fixed it the first time because I was still under warranty but now I am out. They say to fix it would cost the same as a new computer and I don't really ahve the money for it. Does anyone know how I can fix the computer without paying the money? I have a flash drive and a desktop computer to transfer the files from if needed.

im running win xp media center edition sp3

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"Out of Warranty" is NOT viable when it comes to your laptop ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 wirele ...

After the class action lawsuit, HP accepted that they HAD to repair these horrendously designed laptops because THEY HewlettPackard were at fault.

If your problem is the same as it was the last time it happened, don't let them fob you off that it's now out of warranty.

I'm positive that the judgment pushed for an extension of warranty for certain design problems which means you are STILL COVERED for a further ONE YEAR after the warranty has expired - of course if you don't realise this, these bastards will try any manoeuvre to squirm out of their legal obligations.

Here's the HP agreement:
This service enhancement program is available in North America for 24 months after the start of your original standard limited warranty for issues listed below; otherwise your current standard limited warranty applies. Customers who already have a 24 month or longer warranty period will be covered under their existing standard HP Limited Warranty.〈=en

Here's an example of squirming:
XX obtained a favorable ruling on September 26, 2008 from the California
Court of Appeal for the Sixth Appellate District, allowing a class action to move forward against Hewlett-Packard Company. The evidence before the trial court showed that, only weeks after releasing certain Pavilion notebook computers, HP received complaints of dim, dark, or flickering display screens. HP determined that the inverters in those computers were failing at unacceptably high rates, causing the displays to malfunction. HP nevertheless did not notify consumers of the defect and continued to sell the computers. Additionally, HP quoted consumers whose warranties had expired $650 to fix the problem, even though the inverter manufacturer ?not HP ? bore all the expenses of the repairs, and even though an inverter costs $20 or less.

*Excerpt from:

Go back and tell them to repair it, don't ask - TELL THEM NICELY.

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I did.

by lamentofking In reply to "Out of Warranty" is NOT ...

They said that the 24 months started when I bought the laptop. So my warranty expired this year just a couple of months ago. What else can I do to get them to repair for free?

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You can't.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I did.

Given that they are being literally besieged by disgruntled owners all with the same problems, once the Court-Imposed warranty-extension has expired HP won't give an inch and certainly not if it's only on principle.

You could adopt a self-healing technique if you are comfortable with stripping a laptop down. The generally accepted diagnosis appears to be that the laptop design was flawed where a heatsink inside the chassis came into contact with the wireless antennae wires.

You might find more information on the diagnosis by having a dig through the myriad complaints online. Maybe you've got a local computer tech-guy who has done this particular repair before.

But now that it's more than 24 months since your initial purchase HP are free and clear.

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In the light of the excellent advice

by tintoman In reply to You can't.

from Mr Mycroft it appears that your cheapest option would be to fit an external wireless adapter would it not?

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Jeez - that's cerebral atrophy for you ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to In the light of the excel ...

It was staring me right in the face and I totally ignored it !! :^0

Well caught!

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wait a minute

by lamentofking In reply to In the light of the excel ...

is it possible to turn a usb flash drive i have into an external usb wireless adapter?

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NO !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to wait a minute

Definitely not. - That's like suggesting you could turn a Microwave into a Mobile Phone because they both operate at or above 2.4GHz.

I can understand that you're feeling angry and perhaps even upset, but when reality departs from your cerebrum you've totally had it.

They're not that expensive. The going rate in the UK starts around 15 to 20 GBP. And the hideous design flaws from HP won't have any effect on it.

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Faulty Fan Algorithm

by pitstop87 In reply to HP Pavilion dv6000 wirele ...

This is a common issue with certain older models of HP. The reason is a faulty fan algorithm that causes your wireless card to get overheated. HP has released a bios update to resolve the issue. You should have applied it after the first repair. Anyway certain dv6000 laptops with this issue may be eligible for a warranty extension/ free repair. To check if your eligible refer to the following post :

Even if you do get it repaired i recommend you apply the bios update.

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done it already

by lamentofking In reply to Faulty Fan Algorithm

i did that already when i had got it back. It's happening again is what I'm saying. Actually now what it does is come back on rarely. If I turn the computer off or put it to sleep it just goers back out again. It just comes back on randomly but not often.

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