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    hp Pavilion power connector


    by johnsonhw ·

    I have a hp pavilion zx5180 with a loose power connector. I had the problem before and had a computer technician solder the connector. Has anyone else had this problem? I would like to resoder it myself but I have been unable to remove the CD/DVD drive to get to the power connector. Does anyone know how to remove the CD/DVD drive?

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      by johnsonhw ·

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      this should help

      by dedlbug ·

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      This should be for your laptop, but I don’t know if it helps gain access to your desired solder points. =] This was found at HP’s website.

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        Just a Side Note

        by thechas ·

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        Caution: Use extreme care when soldering a computer circuit board.

        Make sure to use electronics grade solder, fluxes, and cleaners.

        A temperature controlled soldering iron is a MUST.

        My main point is, if you have not been trained in electronic circuit board soldering, and have the correct tools, you can do more harm than good soldering the connector in.

        Since this is the second time this solder connection has failed for you, you might want to remove all of the existing solder and use silver solder for this task.

        It might be worth the effort to use an electronics assembly adhesive referred to as Tak-Pak to secure the connector body to the circuit board to reduce the mechanical stress on the solder connections.


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