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HP Pavilion power supply upgrade...

By StevenGuy ·
I can't seem to find any information about upgrading my HP's power supply, specifically which one to get. I have a Pavilion a264w (Athlon XP 2800+, nForce2 A7N8X-LA mobo) which has a 250W PSU, but I doubt it's going to be enough for my new video card (Radeon 9600xt). Can anyone who has dealt with HP PSU's tell me if it's safe to just install any ATX 350W PSU in there and be done with it? Or are HP's touchy when it comes to their PSU's and wattage? Also, are there any special jumper settings or some other things I need to be aware of when upgrading? Thanx in advance...

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by TheChas In reply to HP Pavilion power supply ...

Additional wattage in itself will not cause any problems.

1. Verify that the motherboard uses a standard ATX power connector.
If there are any extra connections between the motherboard and power supply, you will need to find out what is on these lines and come up with a solution.

2. Is the existing power supply the same physical size as standard ATX supply?

3. Cooling, you may need to add intake fans for both the larger power supply and the video card.

As far as needing a larger power supply, what other hardware do you have?
If you have only 1 hard drive and 2 CD drives along with less than 1GB of RAM, 350 Watts may be enough.

Also, there are no jumper settings to change for a larger power supply.
The power supply will provide only the amount of power needed.

One way to check if your power supply has additional capacity available, is to check how warm the air coming out of the power supply cooling fan is.
If the air is cool, you likely have extra power capacity available.


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by StevenGuy In reply to

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by willcomp In reply to HP Pavilion power supply ...

Older model Pavilions primarily used SFX power supplies with connector and exhaust on side. These are usually referred to as E-Machine power supplies (identical form factor) and are readily available with up to 350 watts output.

Hopefully, HP has changed to standard ATX power supplies. If so, heed prior answer. Replacement ATX power supplies are widely available. Recommend you stick with reliable brands (Antec, Enermax, Sparkle, PC Power and Cooling, et al). Cheap power supplies can cause problems.

You can also search web using HP part number for replacemants.

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by StevenGuy In reply to

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by StevenGuy In reply to HP Pavilion power supply ...

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