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    hp pavilion power switch


    by mcgovern ·

    I have an HP Pavilion ZX5000. I have used it trouble-free for 3 months. Today the power switch appears to not work. Holding the power switch down for many seconds gets no response. The light on the A adapter cable is on. Removing the battery has had no effect. Unplugging and plugging causes the printer to make noises, so power appears to be getting the the PC.
    Any suggestions?
    Many thanks.

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      by otl ·

      In reply to hp pavilion power switch

      Try a light touch on the switch, only partially depressing it (no click). Fully depressing the switch on a 68XX series causes a double power connection telling the MB to startup then shutdown.

      If this is the case you can either use it that way or take it in for warranty work to replace the switch.

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      Reply To: hp pavilion power switch

      by willcomp ·

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      Check manual and HP web site for troubleshooting steps (won’t power up, turn on, or similar) and try their suggestions, if any.

      So far I haven’t seen a switch fail, although very possible, but have seen motherboards fail with same symptoms you describe.

      Believe you need to check on warranty replacement.


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      Reply To: hp pavilion power switch

      by hughiemcginley ·

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      return on warranty do not open it or do any more sounds like a big expensive job

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      Hp Pavillion Power Button Quick Fix

      by jj5201 ·

      In reply to hp pavilion power switch

      I had the same problem with my hp dv 6000 and a quick fix is this:

      1. Turn on your computer using the quick launch key
      2. While booting up, quickly hit the F8 key to interrupt the quick launch start up sequence
      3. Two options will appear on your screen, choose neither. Instead, hit ctrl+alt+delete and your system will boot up in Windows

      While this does not fix the problem, you will still be able to access Windows and use your computer as usual.

      Hope this helps!


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