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HP Pavilion won't boot

By tbilczo ·
My 2001 HP Pavilion xt936 suddenly failed to boot. When the power button is pressed the power suppy light(on the back) comes on, the power button light(on the front)comes on, the oragne light below the power button comes on for about 20-30 seconds, the processor fan comes on, the power supply fan comes on. Otherwise, the machine is quite dead. There are no beeps, the monitor does not come on, the hard drive does not activate. I have tried unplugging all the peripherals and swaping the monitor and cables all to no avail. The motherboard has no obvious signs of problems, i.e. no bulging capacitors or other damage. Does anyone have suggestions?

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by willcomp In reply to HP Pavilion won't boot

Remove all cards except video card. Disconnect power leads to drives, leaving only mobo connections.

If PC boots, sequence back drives and cards until you find the culprit.

If you have a modem connected to the phone line, rule it out first. Surges over phone lines are common and a fried modem can short out the PCI bus.

If still no boot, swap memory and power supply. If not power supply or memory, problem is most likely failed mobo, but could be CPU.

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by boysent In reply to HP Pavilion won't boot

I had this same issue with my Pavilion A220n. The cause was a bad CPU. I had no power on self test (POST)... same symptoms you have had. After replacing it, everything was fine. I don't think that HP does a good job of heat sinking the CPU, which led to overheating and eventual failure.

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