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HP Pavilion wont power up

By cyberjan ·
Nothing happens to PC when on button is pushed, except a little light on the back of the power supply goes on. No activity at all no fan, etc. It just stopped working one day. Someone tried to swapp the powersupply It still didnt work. What is the next step. How do I buy and replace a motherboard? HP Pavilion 7940

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by chris In reply to HP Pavilion wont power up

This answer isn't going to help you any - but someone on Ebay is selling the same system, with the same problem. They comment that the system doesn't turn on and they don't know why. They are selling it for $85. I have the 8755c (didn't ship with XP), and it is still working fine. For the cost of a new motherboard for that system, you might consider buying a new desktop. Dells Outlet store has some pretty cheap desktops (~$300). Intel is coming out with new chips at the end of this month, so prices on the older models will also be coming down some.
My plan is to continue using my HP until it dies, then replace it :-)


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by cyberjan In reply to HP Pavilion wont power up

Thanks I think I can buy a MB or a Processor for about $100, I just need to figure out which it is

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by 1stladytech In reply to HP Pavilion wont power up

Open your case and look at your motherboard, specifically, look for leaking or bulging capacitors. This is a common failure pattern, and they do tend to just quit. Generally, your processor and ram are fine, but you will need to replace the board if you have any popped caps.


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by Wingtech In reply to HP Pavilion wont power up

This probably isn't the answer you want either....
Had the same problem with my sisterinlaw's Pavillion. Swapped out everything with another system & proved that it was the motherboard. Found it was cheaper to replace the box than to repair.

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by Armour In reply to HP Pavilion wont power up

try this , pull the plug from the power supply and then hold the power button for at least one min , this will drain the compasitors that could be locking the relay in the off position , If you see the green light you are getting powet to the powere supply , This has worked for me quite a few time as I use to be HP support

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by cyberjan In reply to HP Pavilion wont power up

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