hp pavilion zv5000

By techsys1 ·
Laptop shuts down during my session in a various programs. I've run the diagnotics with no resolves. Running off A/C power. What could be the cause?

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Heat is the probable culprit

by nepenthe0 In reply to hp pavilion zv5000

The tiny little fan in the laptop must cool a processor that does just as much work as a desktop processor.

I recommend giving your laptop a thorough cleaning. Remove the cover - there should be half a dozen perimeter screws and a central screw, conspicuously marked on the plastic cover by an arrow.

Use compressed air to **** out all the accumulated dust. Gently fix the fan blades so they do not spin with compressed air (spinning fans generate current which could damage circuitry).

When operating the laptop, be sure there is ample clearance for air flow, and that the air intake/egress are unblocked. If you still encounter shutdowns despite these measures, consider an auxiliary cooler such as:

Hope this helps.

Rick/Portland, OR

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This is most likely a Heat Issue

by OH Smeg In reply to hp pavilion zv5000

And I totally agree with the previous poster you need to follow some basic steps to prevent this happening as it will shorten the life of the NB considerably. While all of the above are excellent suggestions and the most important is that there is nothing allowed to block the Air Intakes on the bottom of the NB things like paper or loose coverings on whatever you are using this NB on which get sucked up and block the intakes you are far better off just sticking a Cool Pad like the one suggested above and running that off a USB port. These keep a clearance between the Surface that the unit is on and the bottom of the NB preventing any blockages and they also suck a lot of air in and drag the bigger bits of dust and other items away from the Air Intakes preventing the NB clogging up with Dust and other rubbish. These are so effective that I never sell a NB without one and I have never had a problem with a NB overheating or otherwise suffering from any heat issues. Also the longer you run this NB the Hotter it will get as things like the HDD are bolted to the metal parts of the NB Chassis and these are not actively cooled so they just rely on the surface area of the chassis to loose the produced heat. Without a sufficient amount of air flowing under the NB these just do not cool properly and allow the heat produced by otter items to heat the CPU and RAM which contribute tot he NB shutting down.

You should also check your Model on HP Web Site to see if a Recall Notice has been issued for it for any of the numerous faults that some HP NB's have suffered from. If the NB hasn't had these problems fixed it will remain unstable till they are if needed.


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hp pavilion zv5000 Dirty

by Wsp123Man In reply to hp pavilion zv5000

My hp pavilion zv5000 Keeps Turning Off Also When I run run programs Ex.Rct3 it turns off.
My Heating Coil Blows out hot air from the fan i an trying To Repair The laptop for My Aunt But It Is taking a lot of thinking and time I THINK THAT THE INSIDES ARE DUSTY!!=(
AND NEED A GOOD CLEANING my desktop computer
had the same problem , also the battery Has craped out too

Can Any one help

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Try that again with Full Stops and Spaces ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to hp pavilion zv5000 Dirty

I've read and re-read your post several times, but without proper punctuation it is impossible to know where one sentence finishes and then next one begins.

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Then clean out the air passages in the NB with Canned Air

by OH Smeg In reply to hp pavilion zv5000 Dirty

But you need to stop the fans spinning or they will spin and generate electricity which can damage the M'Board. You also should use a Cool Pad under every NB to prevent this from happening again as they suck the bigger bits of Dust and other airborne junk away from the air intake of the NB and keep it clean.

Now which battery do you mean here?


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