HP Pavilion zv6000 shutting off or freezing

By cwcarp ·
I'm having a problem with my laptop. It's either freezing to where the cursor won't move or it will shut off abruptly (like it has a immediate loss of power even though the battery is attached and it's plugged in.) I've taken it in twice and they aren't finding the problem. Going to take it in for a third time this week. Any ideas? HP had me run the laptop on Bios and all was fine. I always use it on a hard surface so over-heating doesn't seem like a issue. I've done defrag, disk clean, spyware cleaned and have Trend-Micro anti virus. Anyone else have these issues? The laptop is almost 2 yrs. old.

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when does it do it?

by w2ktechman In reply to HP Pavilion zv6000 shutti ...

when the battery is being used, or when the power adapter is attached, or both?

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Both are attached

by cwcarp In reply to when does it do it?

Usually I have both attached. I thought maybe because my battery was weak it was some how causing it. HP just sent me a new battery, yet it is still freezing.

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me too

by TheVirtualOne In reply to HP Pavilion zv6000 shutti ...

I've got a zd7140us that that was happening to all the time!

then I hit it several times real hard near the esc key with my fist and it stopped... no kidding, no problems since. crossing my fingers now but it really worked. It was happening, I'd say 2 or 3 times a day until I did that last week sometime.

I've only use it for remote desktop stuff now anyway or to watch dvds for the past 8 months or so. I don't recommend hitting your laptop, but it worked for me.

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May Have to try that...

by cwcarp In reply to me too

I'm about out of solutions other than go buy a new one. I'm looking at a Dell. Maybe it'll last longer. It's frustrating when it freezes up cause nothing will pull it out of it...not even Control...alt...delete. Next time I'll give it a wack maybe it'll behave! I seriously think something inside is on the way out and thats why it's so unpredictable when it goes out.

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HP hardware problem

by twoblues32 In reply to HP Pavilion zv6000 shutti ...

I have an HP pavilion dv4000 that has similar problems. At first it would restart at random, thinking this was caused by overheating I cleaned out the dust from the heat sink but there wasn't much there. Later I moved from XP to linux to rule out software problems. Linux did not restart, but froze. The cursor would stop moving and after lots of confusion I figured out that by squeezing the laptop above and below the DVD drive I could have improved performance. I'm guessing something's loose, or somethings broken with the motherboard or something. From other posts it seems like motherboards often have problems like this, or with usb within about two years of age. By the way sometimes the USB won't work either and I also have to squeeze the same spot to help boot the computer. Sometimes when it starts it freezes before the BIOS comes up, other times it freezes when loading the linux kernel.

I would suggest getting a live CD of linux, like knoppix or ubuntu and trying it out to see if the freezing still occurs. This is an easy check that would rule out most software issues.

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Security perhaps?

by Bmarkusrowe In reply to HP hardware problem

You could try and run a virus scan to see if you computer is infected. Or perhaps use command prompt and run chkdsk next and set it up so when you reboot next time it checks the hard drive. Another thing you could do is try the Linux solution was given to you and see what happens there. A last resort option would be to pop in a recovery disc if you have one and restore it back to an original state and see what happens there (make sure to take all the files that you want to keep before doing this of course).

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Sounds Like...

by demosthanese In reply to HP Pavilion zv6000 shutti ...

...A heat issue to me. I didnt look up your spec sheet but if the laptop is intel based then this could easily be the issue. When intel chips begin to overheat they shut down rather than melt like AMD does. if you feel comfortable taking the system apart you may be able to run it completly open for a while just to see if that is the case.

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Heating problem

by cgoulas In reply to Sounds Like...

It sounds like heating. Demosthanese is right. That's my impression too. Why don't you try and download Speedfan (freeware I think) and check you system's temperatures before taking it apart?

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What's a good/bad temp?

by duwe In reply to Heating problem

I have the ZV6000 as well, started having similar problems in December. Shutting off unexpectedly or just freezing. Couldn't tell you if it has anything to do w/power vs. battery b/c my battery only lasts for 5-10 min. anymore.

I've had some success sticking a pencil under the laptop ... still freezes/shuts down, just not as frequently.

I just downloaded Speedfan, but have no clue about the temperatures and what the info means. It's reading 50C for the current temp. Is that good/bad?

(Also, the zv6000 is an AMD)


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Same problem

by gthomasb420 In reply to HP Pavilion zv6000 shutti ...

I have the the same laptop, hp pavilion zv6000, and the same thing happens to me all the time. I have found that it happens with less frequency when the power cord is not plugged in. I believe that it is an over-heating issue, as I have heard this model has problems in that area. I've noticed that the fan runs at full-tilt constantly, which doesn't seem good to begin with. If you figure anything out, let me know.

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