HP Pavilion ZV6000

By travis.sirmon ·
HP Pavilion zv6000
I have an hp pavilion zv6000 that is giving me problems. When I plug it in the blue power light(lightning bolt) blinks pretty fast off and on. I can hear ticking around the area where the power cord is. Nothing else happens. cant get it to start at all. No sound of fan or anything.
I have taken the laptop apart and found no burnt or smelly areas of the motherboard or other parts. I have wiggled the power cord, unplugged it and tried just the battery. I got the same clicking only more quiet then with the cord plugged in. I have tried without the battery in and same deal.
Anyone have any idea what the problem could be? WOuld hate to have to buy a new motherboard and the laptop is just over a year old and just out of warranty of course.
THanks all

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I am getting the same power problem with a hp pavilion zv6000

by springer.david In reply to HP Pavilion ZV6000


I too have an hp pavilion with the exact same problem. Any help on this woudl be much appreciated.

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Do you have another power supply to test?

by w2ktechman In reply to HP Pavilion ZV6000

It may be the PS, but if I was to bet, I would bet that the MB has an issue.

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HP Pavilion zv5000 zv6000 ticking sound

by jedigak1 In reply to HP Pavilion ZV6000

I was getting a ticking noise around the power source as well, and the computer was completely dead. I used an external power source and pushed the voltage up to 19 VDC and the blue lightning bolt lite up. I'm buying a new AC adapter.

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HP Pavilion zv6000 blue lightning strike of death

by hearse_76 In reply to HP Pavilion zv5000 zv6000 ...

I got one here also, was upgrading it to Windows 7, was just about finished, so I walked off, when I came back, the laptop was off, went to power it back up, and get the blue lightning bolt flashing 3 times. I replaced the power supply, and still the same problem, I remove the battery, and get nothing at all.

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