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HP Pavilion ZX5180US Power Problem

By johnsonhw ·
I have a HP Pavilion ZX5180US notebook computer that started shuting down unexpectedly. I have updated the BIOS and uninstalled and reinstalled the power management drivers. Periodically, even though the power cord is connected the computer switchs to battery power, runs down the battery and then shuts down.

Is anyone else having a problem with the power cord. I have used another power cord, checked the voltage and there does not seem to be anything wrong with the power supply.

Also when I use the computerwith part of the bottom exposed the problem is less frequent. My daughter had similar problems and HP "fixed" the problem by installing a new motherboard for big $$$s.

Thank you for your insight.

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by mjd420nova In reply to HP Pavilion ZX5180US Powe ...

It does sound like an inverter problem by your discription. The inverter takes in the DC voltage from the external supply and uses it to produce the different voltages needed to run the laptop. In some cases this is a seperate board that mates to the system board and on others it is part of the motherboard. Being heat sensitive is an indication of a regulator fault. I hope it's the one that is a seperate board, as that's a quick and easy fix. Good luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HP Pavilion ZX5180US Powe ...

The only other thing that it could possibly be is a bad solder joint between the Socket for the external adaptor and the Circuit Board. Quite often if these are treated anything but in the gentlest of ways it's possible to part way pull off the power socket.

When this happens the makers generally replace the M'Board at your cost but sometimes you can get around the problem by re soldering the connections back on but you need the right equipment with a proper Electronics Soldering Iron with an Earthed Tip to prevent any discharge into the M'Board, these are also Temp Set so they never get much hotter than he melting point of solder which is about 310 C so most are set to around 315 C and they don't do any damage to the Circuit Board or any of the components soldered to it.


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by robo_dev In reply to HP Pavilion ZX5180US Powe ...

Hopefully it's the solder connections for the socket, because I don't see a part number for dc-dc board for your model. A replacement power jack is $14

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by johnsonhw In reply to HP Pavilion ZX5180US Powe ...

Thank you for your help. What is really weird is that when I use the computer in my den, either on a table or in my lap, I have no problem. I have tried different powwer sources in the office and have the power problem.

The person who included a web site for parts, I thank you, but could you include a link to the actual parts page? I visisted the site and could not fine the computer or the part.

Again thank all of you!!


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WOW i have the saem problem

by nolanspot In reply to HP Pavilion ZX5180US Powe ...

me and my brother both have gotton our hp pavillion zx5180us and we have the same problem with the power supply.. they both randomly stopped working at the same time? It would switch to battery and run down the power? it would some times charge when you lodge the power cable in a certain way, but if you hit it a certain way it would go back to battery.... i think its somehitng with this model?

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I have a big problem too

by lordluismi In reply to HP Pavilion ZX5180US Powe ...

First, sorry about my bad english, I have the same notebook from 18month ago 20 days after the guarantee was overcome, mi computer didnt work any more.
The problem is that it does not take the electrical power, to charge the battery or to poweron. The rest work OK. HP Argentina said to me that the problem could be motherboard but that they were not safe, and in addition as it is a concerned equipment, they do not have spare part, and they said to me that they cannot do nothing, I am very displeased with the service of HP post sale

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I have the same problem

by mdmitchell In reply to HP Pavilion ZX5180US Powe ...

I have had the same problem. They first told me that I just needed a new battery. They then replaced the AC adapter, another battery and then the entire laptop. It is starting up again and they now say it is the power port. I am lucky, I have the extended coverage, but it agrevates me that I have to continually back up and restore hard drives. No more HP computers for me...

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What we can do?

by lordluismi In reply to I have the same problem

mdmitchell@... look. I`m from argentina and for me is very imposible buy a new motherboar. I must import it and it is very expensive, for you is more accesible. I`m need my computer for the university and for 8 months it has not been working. So.. to anyone that have a cheap solution please post it. HELPPP Here 1U$S = 3$ So buy a new notebok is very imposible! But if some day i can buy anyone, this will not be a HP. without doubts!

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XC1000 expansion port cable

by sgornick In reply to What we can do?

It simply bypass the dysfunctional power jack, and use the expansion port as power entrance.

The only problem I have with using the cable is when under Linux the audio doesn't work if I have the expansion cable plugged in. But the power problem has been resolved!

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XC1000 media cable

by bedwards In reply to XC1000 expansion port cab ...

The XC1000 Media cable worked for the zv5466cl I was working on as well.

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