HP Pavilion

By Skaterninja25 ·
Hey guys, I own an HP pavilion, had for about 2 years. it consists of a Asus MB think the model is A8n something.. and recently the i/o panel on the board went out and the light in the front only turns on when i power off the system by holding down the power button for 5 seconds (hard reset). now since the back i/o panel isnt working, i cant see anything on my monitor and i dont get power to my keyboard and mouse. so i replaced the board with a ETC motherboard. now that board i just put in the hp case and i had to buy new ram and cpu for the board since the other board was a 939 socket. also i purchased a new hard drive just in case. put that all in the case and im getting the same problem.. very frustrating. could this be the power supply? im using the stock 300w that came with it but i dont think its dead because the pc turns on and inside everything is spinning all the fans are on but i noticed that they spin rapidly, usually i turn the pc on and its rapid until it gets passed the HP boot screen then it slows and boots vista. like i said i cant see whats going on screen wise but all i know is that i/o panel isnt on, and front light only kicks on right when you push the button. only things i left in from the old MB are power supply and disk drive. Please if you can help it would be great.


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Must be power supply

by patb071 In reply to HP Pavilion

If you replaced everything except the power supply then it must be the power supply. Cd rom drive and floppy drive would just not work.

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First things first

by OH Smeg In reply to HP Pavilion

Edit your original message and remove your E-Mail address the Bot that scour the Net looking for e-mail address will pick your up quite quickly and this will result in a flood of Spam.

Second thing replace the Power Supply. Do not be lured into a false sense of security believing that because the Fans run the PS is working. That only means that the PS is producing 12 V DC nothing about the 5 or 1.3 V DC Rails and absolutely nothing at all about the current being produced by the PS. I had one customer who bought a New M'Board, CPU, RAM, HDDs, Optical Drives, Video Card actually everything but the PS for a failed 3 month old system. When all that was wrong was the PS had been hit by a Power Surge and taken out.

At the end I replaced the PS Under Guarantee and he had what was effectively a second computer without a Case or PS, which he didn't want or need.


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