HP Pavillion a1100y desktop will not start up. Beeps only!

By Sam Goofus ·
Hi, all! This is my landlord's machine so I'm not familiar with it. We had a half-second blackout today, my computer started right up, his won't!
I've unplugged in for a while, then on startup the fan and DVD drive turn on only for about a second, the computer beeps one long in one second intervals and nothing else happens.
Any keyboard activity has no effect as well as the 5 second hold-the-button-in reset. It will shut off with the button, but this is all it will do. It is protected with a good surge suppressor, and I found it doing this one night before but it started right back up for me then.
Oop... WinXP Home, 2nd Ed, no peripherals or extra hardware.
Any ideas?

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probably mobo fried, look it up at link below

by robo_dev In reply to HP Pavillion a1100y deskt ...
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Listen closer to the beep pattern

by IC-IT In reply to HP Pavillion a1100y deskt ...

HPs usually have their beeps in sets of four. Each set is seperated by a slight pause. After the complete set there is a longer pause and it starts again.
You could try a different power supply, but I think it is either the MB or CPU.
Here is a link to HP beep codes.


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Deceased? That soon?

by Sam Goofus In reply to HP Pavillion a1100y deskt ...

Doesn't sound good! As far as a beep pattern there is none, just one long (1 sec) with half second no beep, over and over.
It does act as if the CPU bit the big one, but the computer was only turned on less than six months ago (he did leave it sit in the box for a year....) I've never seen a computer self destruct just from a blackout, is that normal?

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You say it was just a blackout!

by ComputerCookie In reply to Deceased? That soon?

However, unless you had a serious UPS and and the applications installed you couldn't tell what happened.

Had a similar problem when a local transormer got struck by lightning, caught on fire and exploded. Only took 30seconds for a backup supply to switch over!!

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Sorry, didn't mean to finish that post

by ComputerCookie In reply to HP Pavillion a1100y deskt ...

without writing stories about surge protectors and power problems.

You need to ask your landlord if he has a home contents insurance policy.

If he does he is best to take the PC to a repair shop and ask them to diagnose and report to the insurance company, they should replace or repair.

They will pay him for his invoiced amout for the diagnosis. So he should only have to pay the excess if he has one!

If he doesn't suggest you stop trying to start the machine, if the MOB is OK you will only stuff it as the power supply is corrupt and is sending incorrect voltages to the MOB.

Fans and LED ligths aren't as particular as the MOB!

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