HP Pavillion a1100y power problem

By reggiefor ·
Hi --
I am having trouble determining whether I have a power supply problem or a power switch problem.
CPU: HP Pavillion a1100y desktop
1. No power, no lights, no fan (but no smoke or "fried" odors),
2. Power switch sticks in depressed position, but eventaully comes out. This has been going on for a while, but computer used to turn on after several tries. It also used to sometimes shut right off after turning on.

So, it sort of sounds like it's the power supply, but it could be the switch. How do I replicate the function of the switch without using it? I am guessing that I disconnect the switch from the motherboard and then .... do something. Can anyone help? Or does anyone have any suggestion on how to narrow this down?

I appreciate any advice.

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by ---TK--- In reply to HP Pavillion a1100y power ...

My first guess would be the switch went out. To work around the issue, you could try opening the case, locate the wires that go from the front of the case to the Motherboard... once you find them (usually at the bottom right hand corner), you should see a few, HDD LED, Power SW, Reset SW, and maybe a few others. When stuff like this pops up I always say make the reset SW the new Power SW... switch the two (on the Motherboard) and test it out.... Now you will not have a reset SW because its the new power on SW...

FYI: before you take the cover off, remove the power cord from the wall... normally I would say to hold the power button in to fully discharge the system, but your kinda SOL on that one... remove the power cord, and BE VERY CAREFUL!!! PC's will usually hold a slight charge and if you get electrocuted and fry your PC... its not my fault since I am warning you lol... this is at your own risk!!

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Jump Start it

by L-Mo In reply to HP Pavillion a1100y power ...

If you remove the connection for the switch and touch both pins with a screwdriver, you in effect jump start the board.

I've done with success. Always making sure I'm only touching what I know is the contacts I want to connect.

You could also use a switch off an old box.

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Well the easy thing here is to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP Pavillion a1100y power ...

Disconnect the Front Panel Power Switch and use a Metal Screwdriver of a suitable size short out the 2 Pins and see if the system now starts.

If it does you need to dismantle the front Panel and clean out the junk that has been sucked into it and then if necessary clean out any Burs on the Molded Plastic to prevent it sticking in the future.

If it makes no difference change the PS and that would be my first option here.


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I'm afraid I cannot agree

by tintoman In reply to HP Pavillion a1100y power ...

Without doubt there are hundreds of contributors on this site with considerably more I.T knowledge than me, however the notion that poking around inside a live computer with a screwdriver is wrong, what on earth is the problem with making a test lead with a properly insulated switch on the end?

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Thanks -- it was the Power Supply

by reggiefor In reply to I'm afraid I cannot agree

No luck w/ the screwdriver test (but I never cease to be amazed by my local hardware store owner, who fashioned me an insulated screwdriver -- on the spot -- for only 15 cents). It was the power supply, as suspected. I also jerry-rigged a way to keep the power button from sticking. All is well once more.

Thanks. I always appreciate the varied advice, cautions and opinions.

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