HP Pavillion dv6661se Base System Device

By Azaliah ·
Okay, so we had to reinstall vista ultimate 32 bit on an HP Pavillion dv6661se notebook, and it's as if the drivers for this nightmare have just vanished off the face of the earth. I've managed to get almost everything working. There are still some issues with my Base System Devices, three of them, whatever they are, to be precise, one network controller, apparently the one that controls the wireless internet, and one unknown device that is as unknown to me as it is to the blasted laptop.

I have been to HP's site, and I have downloaded every driver imaginable. I have yet to figure out why none of them are working. I've made sure the product is the right product, I've done chipset drivers, I've done specific device drivers, I've made sure that the drivers were indeed for the AMD chipset and not the intel chipset, and yes, I have made sure that I actually have an AMD processor. =)

So, has anyone else had this much trouble doing a simple install of Vista onto a Vista machine with a Vista disk? And if you have, how have you managed not to chuck the (insert expletive here) thing out the window?

I'm fed to the teeth with it. This is the LAST time I deal with anything even remotely related to HP. (It's also the last time I let my husband touch anything without me first going through and backing everything up.) Grrrrr...

Please, help if you are able.

Take care,

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So, none of the HP "assistant" software helps either?

by seanferd In reply to HP Pavillion dv6661se Bas ...

And should I be surprised? (I'll act surprised if required.)

Was the Vista disk the one supplied as a recovery disk with the machine, or is this a retail disk? If there were no disks, was there a recovery partition?

Knowing HP, they may have made it more difficult than just adding drivers to a retail Windows install.

It may also be that the drivers were not installed in the "right order" - some systems are apparently picky about this. The order should be available in the documentation, but I cannot guarantee that. Starting with chipset, input devices, graphics, network interfaces is probably good.

Something you can try is to delete the problem devices from Device manager, then reboot. If the drivers are present, this should get them to install for the device properly.

You can also use something like SIW to inventory the actual devices, and compare to the drivers necessary, if you don't already have a list of what hardware is actually in the system.

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The Unknown Device Identifier would probably be better here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to So, none of the HP "assis ...

After all SIW needs drivers to pickup most of the hardware where as Unknown Device Identifier doesn't.


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Thanks for that.

by seanferd In reply to The Unknown Device Identi ...

I was wondering whether it used installed drivers for identification.

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by Azaliah In reply to HP Pavillion dv6661se Bas ...

I finally found my brain and downloaded device doctor. All's well now. Turns out that only one of the system devices was relevant after I installed the updates. Apparently that one device used three drivers, but now uses only one. Not that it was technically one device. It was a multi card reader and once I updated the software I simply disabled the redundant drivers and everything worked.

As for the HP assistant? This version was for wireless access and it did not assist me with anything. It was conflicting with some old software and needed to be reinstalled thrice before I accepted it was crap and left it alone. Turns out it was the wireless problem. The version for wireless networking was a way old version. It went away with a very timely update and was replaced with functional broadcom drivers. I finally had wireless again!

Device Doctor worked way well, and it's freeware. Very nice!

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by seanferd In reply to Solved!

But you actually had to disable the no-longer-relevant device entries in the Device Manager? Still doesn't sound quite right, but as long as everything works, what?

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There's a catch to everything...

by Azaliah In reply to Sweet!

Yeah, that was the one thing I thought was kind'a odd about the it, but then I realised that the Device Doctor software is a freeware program supported by donations AND a bought program called Device Genius. Device Genius would have done it all for me.

See! There's a catch to everything. I also had to disable all of the old drivers manually and reinstall the new drivers manually. I then had to go through and figure out if anything conflicted and remove or disable said conflicts, which is where the disabling the remaining redundancies came to play.

I guess, all in all, it's a great free program if you have a modicum of experience with devices and drivers, i.e. you know what your doing and aren't going to break anything by fooling around with it. But if you haven't a clue, you'd be better off buying a program like Device Genius or whatever other REPUTABLE driver updater you happen to like.

Seriously, had I known there was a free program out there, I wouldn't have been begging for clues here. I'm not cheap, mind you; I'm just broke. It wasn't until after I posted that I found this program, and at that point, I thought I'd just post about it ex post factum, so if anyone else had similar issues, and perhaps has even less knowledge about these things than I do, which isn't bloody likely, but still within the realm if possibility, they'd have something remotely hopeful to look into. =)

Take care,

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