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hp pavillion zv5000 wont turn on

By jhnshields ·
i'm working on a hp pavillion zv5000 that wont power up at all. i took the battery out to try with only ac, nothing. has anyone ever had this problem before and what can i do to fix it?

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by Former Big Iron Guy In reply to hp pavillion zv5000 wont ...

I had the same problem with my hp pavillion dv1065US. I'd plugged in a USB device to the same port that I'd always used, *and*, to my thinking, shorted out the motherboard. HP sent me a new power block but it didn't fix anything, so I was able to get a RMA under warranty. Within 2 weeks of the return of the newly repaired hp, the same USB port got flaky and now only occassionaly works. First time I *ever* have purchased an extended warranty...

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by mjd420nova In reply to hp pavillion zv5000 wont ...

As suggested in the previous answer, the power
block is the faulty device. It could be that
the MOBO may have taken a hit, but the power
board may have blown a fuse. It is possible
that the MOBO may be at fault, but the power
has to be the first approach. The little
board is usually mounted near the AC input
jack, a close inspection could lead to the
cure. Any strange smells from the unit??

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by argh1961 In reply to hp pavillion zv5000 wont ...

I ran into a similar problem recently with a Pavilion. When the unit was plugged in it would light up and discs would spin for a couple of seconds then it would shut down.

I spent quite a while checking batteries, etc. I also spent some time with an HP tech who ultimately concluded that I needed a new mobo and/or power supply.

However, after screwing around a bit, I discovered that the power push-button on the front of the unit was jammed against the case in the 'pushed' position. This effectively perfomed the action of 'turning off the computer after 4 seconds when the power button is pushed' as detailed in the bios settings. Freeing this power button resolved the issue. Might be something to check.


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by Former Big Iron Guy In reply to

I can resemble that comment, but it was my old company Thinkpad. Had to get in the habit of putting it into the backpack with the switch side up.
As far as the dv1065, I forgot to mention that it went dead when I plugged the USB cable in. I've never seen an "instant" off like that, because most of the time, for most vendors, now-a-days, the power switch cycle will force a emergency shutdown, and the only way to do the instant off is to kill the power input at the surge/ups or yank the plug. Of course, with laptops with batteries installed and working, you just switch over to battery power, and keep on computing....

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by srichar In reply to hp pavillion zv5000 wont ...

Sounds like you have the infamouse HP Laptop pwr connector problem. I suffered through mine for a few months and thankfully found a cheap alternative to drive power to the laptop without connecting to the main(and faulty) pwr connector. Use the Docking port connector on the right side to drive power to the laptop. DO NOT buy a docking station (will run $250 at BB), but buy a inexpensive ($22-$30) HP Media Cable that connects to the docking port. This cable also works as a power cable, and i have escaped serious monetary damage thanks to this!
Goodluck and hope this works for you and others who have had to endure this crappy and near fatal design from HP.

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Any Id nr on that cable ?

by pcproffsen In reply to

Im located in Sweden. I need to find the ID or artnr for that cable. I spoke with HP here in Sweden and they said that its not available in Sweden ...
So maybe I can order it from HP USA or UK ?
I still ned to know the for the cable!

Can someone please help?
Email pcpro(a)

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by rutherfg In reply to

I"m trying to find this HP Media Cabel but can't seem to find it. Is there a model numer or a full product name that I can search for it?


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by camnis In reply to hp pavillion zv5000 wont ...

hp zv5000 wont turn on just blank
hi i have a mates zv5000 when i press the power it seems to power up then it just sits there with a dead black screen i have tryed to use a 2nd screen to see if it might be the screen but there,s nothing when i asked him what happend at the time of shut down he said that he was using a external burner and he had to shut the burner down half way through reading a disc and when he tryed to close the program it froze up and then he wasnt able to do anything else except try to restart with the power button and removed the burner from the usb slot first before pressing the power when he held the power down to restart fresh he was,nt able to get any power up to screen but it seems to turn on with a power up sound an fans turn on but with nothing else happening as we cannot see if there is anything happening with the screen blank with no power to it ... i have looked at most of the questions surrounding thing models problems an they seem to be close to whats happening to my mates hp thanks if you could help me out as im buggered on this one....

Comment from camnis on 07/17/06 :
i have pulled it pretty well apart an have seen nothing wrong or any smells of burned put back together an still does the same seems to turn on then just sits with a blank non power screen but the rest seems to power the drive opens an spins the disc if it was a hardware problem as the first post said would a new hard drive fix this problem with a reinstall????

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HP Pavillion

by mer21rsf In reply to hp pavillion zv5000 wont ...


Just in case you encounter the same problem again, try to remove the battery and unplug it from the power outlet then press the power button a few times to drain all the remaining electricity in the laptop. then try to putback the battery and plug to the power outlet.


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HP Pavillion zv5000

by joecolannino In reply to hp pavillion zv5000 wont ...

HP has blown it with its power plug. It makes a very poor connection to the laptop. This results in sudden shutdowns, lack of charging,and causing batteries to charge and discharge intermittently. This last problem is very serious since it shortens the life of the battery. I have destroyed two in two years.

Try wiggling the power plug at the back of the laptop until you see the power icon come on. Then set the laptop on a desktop (don't think of it as a laptop anymore). Hopefully, by keeping the plug from wiggling you can avoid the intermittent charge/discharge cycles.

Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit as the unit is clearly unfit for merchantability in my opinion.

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