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HP Presario 1500 Laptop -- intermittent startup problems

By mfouwaaz ·
Intermittent Startup Problem is as follows:

1. Black screen as if switched off.
2. No 'hard drive activity' light.
3. Caps Lock and Num Lock lights not coming on.
4. Fan works when cooling necessary.
5. CD spins if one is in the CD Drive.
6. Power light is on.


This laptop was purchased in 2002 and I have used it fairly heavily without any problems at all until about 3 weeks ago.

The first sign of trouble was the screen froze and I was forced to hold down the power button to shut-down.

Re-starting sometimes took me to the log-in screen and I was able to log-in only for the screen to freeze after about a minute. Sometimes re-starting gave the startup problem described above.

I spoke to HP Support and they advised that I take it to a service centre which I did. The diagnosis was that the hard-drive had packed-up. Fair enough, I got a new hard-drive and installed it last night. The first time I started up -- the same startup problem. I removed the hard-drive again checked the jumper settings and re-seated it (no change). I startup up again and now it did the POST and came to the No Operating System sign. I shut-down and re-starting a couple more times with the same results -- looked pretty consistent.

Encouraged, I installed the OS using the recovery disk and re-started a couple more times. Things looked pretty good and I had a good nights sleep!

Come Friday morning and I am trying to start the thing with the same problems described above. Only this time, I was unable to get it going at all.

CORRECTION -- After about the 10th time, it started up with lights flashing and all of that and then the cursor froze and all disk activity stopped. Restarted and came up again the same way and after a minute or so froze again. Restarts after that gave the black screen --no-activity scenario as described at the beginning.

Now, after about 4 more tries I get this message on the top left corner of a black screen.

RS200M 14.32MHz VBIOS

I re-started the machine again and went to the BIOS settings hitting F4. Took up the default BIOS settings by pressing F9 and saved the changes pressing F10. Since then I started and re-started about 5 times and the machine is functioning normally, at least for now!

My plan of action is as follows:
1. Hook up the external monitor and check -- I am almost positive that will not work as I have no hard drive activity at all.
2. Remove battery, hard-drive, empty CD drive and power-up.
2. Remove the machine piece by piece and put it together again, hoping to find a cracked dry-solder or something -- mainly exploratory and again a half-hearted attempt.
3. Find a good-sized hammer...

Sorry for the rambling, long post folks but I needed to let you know all the details.

Is there anything at all that you suggest? Any little thing will be greatly appreciated. I wouldn't know the graphics card, if it hit me on the face, so please give details.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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rs200m 14.32Mhz vbios problem

by zesabri In reply to HP Presario 1500 Laptop - ...

Mrs. Fouwaaz i have compaq N1020 laptop and i have same problem as yours... i tried many ways but same problem is repeating... finally my laptop gave RS200M 14.32MHz VBIOS
message as yours...
i want to ask you how did you solve your problem...
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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